Scrybe Launch

Scrybe‘s official beta starts today.



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21 responses to “Scrybe Launch

  1. Myles Huble


    Now where’s my beta?

    Please I’ve been waiting for weeks.

  2. I too am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try it out. I looks absolutely awesome. Good work.

  3. Uriel

    I want my beta

  4. Aaron Robinson

    I’ve been hoping for my e-mail announcing the beta. I need to see what you all have done! The video looks cool, but I gotta try it.

  5. Les Faber

    Hey guys – You promised me a Beta account. It’s Halloween. Is this a “trick” instead of a “treat”?



  6. Congrats on your launch! I look forward to participating in the beta…

  7. Thank you all for the tremendous support!
    We’ve started sending out the invitations for the limited beta from today.
    In order to streamline the feedback, the invitations will be increasing in frequency over the coming days and many of you will be signing in very soon.

    You can get a better understanding of our roll out process here.

    Please bear with us during this launch phase, as it is not possible to cater to individual account activation requests due to the large number of registrations.
    Thank you so much for your patience.

    Faizan Buzdar
    CEO, Co-founder

  8. Will

    It looks great and I have added a post about it at my blog I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta : )

  9. Awesome, I’ll no longer have to check the site daily to see if it has launched. :
    The layout for the beta looks great. It should be quite effective.

    Well congrats on the launch. I’m look forward to being able to use scrybe, and can’t wait to see more.


  10. John

    Looking forward to receiving the beta, like everyone else. I haven’t seen this much anticipation since Google…

  11. yeah…i’ve been waiting for it too!! send my beta please..

  12. Daniel

    I live in Brazil and use everyday some web applications (Gmail, Backpack, etc… ). Looking forward to get my beta account and help you develop this great tool. Thanks!

  13. rowland

    I’ve tried to use dot mac and failed. It’s good but not good enough for me.
    I have high hopes that Scrybe will finally allow me to retire my filofax 🙂
    Looking forward to receiving my beta invite.

  14. SchedulingPlease

    Does it have functionality to see friends’ calendars and schedule meetings in open times? This would solve a HUGE pain point in scheduling times to meet socially with friends.

  15. huhu… wat took u so long aaahh?? send my beta ASAP.. hehe..

  16. Tori

    I have registered for the Beta, and while I understand that I may not receive it for a couple of weeks, I have been reading through the feedback forum and must say that I am VERY impressed with how quickly Scrybe is addressing all of the issues that are surfacing. It’s very professional and courteous. I can’t wait to get to use my Scrybe account!

  17. is wonderful program.

    please , send me beta program , please, please

  18. dagmar

    Nice of you to send me the feedback email… but i really cant wait till i get my hands of your beta. by all means it looks like a very very good program. I just hope to get the invitation soon…. please 🙂

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