About the Beta invites

I wanted to share my thoughts and approach on the beta roll out, so that all of you understand why we are taking this route.

Scrybe has not launched its first public version yet. As promised, Scrybe has launched a beta for the purpose of beta testing and collecting feedback. The limited beta has started with a few thousand users. We will keep adding more people to it aggressively, but not everyone is going to get an account immediately. There are thousands of people who have been queuing up since September and are gradually being added to the beta users.

Why not give accounts to everyone right away?
If you give accounts to everyone right now they will give you all the feedback and then you can do a cycle of improvements and move on?

We think that both the product and its users will be best served if we exercise a little self discipline right now and stick to our original plan. At this critical stage, a solid approach to engineering the product has to take precedence over gathering users. The important point is to get feedback, analyze it, incorporate some of it, test it and roll it out AND add a few thousand new people to get their fresh perspective. The product will benefit greatly from a few such iterations.

The word “Beta” has lost its meaning because of it’s now common abuse. As announced earlier, we do hope to take off the beta tag within the next 6-12 weeks, as soon as we think we have done adequate beta testing. The functionality has also been broken into phases to make sure the feedback from a cycle is focused on a particular set of use cases.

The Risks of Hype: The intent of putting the video online was to gather a few thousand users who felt passionately about the problems we are trying to solve. Who would help beta test the product and move it from beta to launch. The response to the video has been overwhelming and we really appreciate it but I fear that the hype has taken on a life of its own. This results in us being swamped by thousands of people who saw the video somewhere else, and now believe the product has been around for a while or that the product has launched it‘s final version. Instead of paying attention to our launch details more people end up paying attention to speculation on other people’s blogs.

We stand committed to delivering a solid product and not staying in beta for ages and ages. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this roll out.

CEO, Co-Founder



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53 responses to “About the Beta invites

  1. Michael


    Well said. Thank you for the clarification. I find that the beta process means something different to everyone. Some go so far as using the term alpha for an early beta – but the primary point here is that this is not a toy for everyone to play with. I find beta’s also serve as a marketing tool for new web 2.0 applications. I applaud your approach and hope that you continue to maintain he high standards. The positive side to this is that the response time to bugs/features on the forum has been excellent.


  2. Hi Faizen

    I appreciate your approach and the link to my blog. I think you are quite correct, rather test Scrybe properly, carefully and methodically and when you take it out of beta testing it will be ready for full release.

    I’m not surprised that you have received the phenomenal response you did receive, the video revealed a product that is easily a generation ahead of what is presently available. I am quite excited about and look forward to your new features in time.

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  4. Hi Faizan,

    you may want to log in to wordpress.com and go to

    Dashboard >> Options >> General

    and put in your Blog title and tagline.

    You’re showing up in my RSS reader as “Untitled subscription”


  5. Faizan,

    I hear you are in Miami. Can we meet?


  6. We are on the threshold of either running with Google calender beta which embodies email as opposed to Scrybe.

    Could you please ( for my team members sake ) re-inforce why we should stick with Scrybe as our individual and collaborative team building calender option ?


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  8. Wonderful of “Scrybe” has reached Japan. It is hoped to be invited early.

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  10. I couldn’t more than agree! Too much Beta on the net nowadays 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  11. Thank you for the detailed explination, it is very much appreciated.

    And thank you for featuring my comment on your front page.

    – Neil.

  12. I am salivating over your video demonstration. I simply can’t wait to give it a test run, as I’ve been on a never ending quest to find that productivity system that has a good balance between the digital and physical world.

    Let me in your beta! =P

  13. Daniel

    How about the translation for other languages, like Brazilian Portuguese? There’s a huge market around here, I can help you with that. Loved your application!

  14. Peter Perez

    Well, perhaps you can prioritize students like myself, who may desperately need your killer app to manage a heavy workload. I know this is a little self-serving, but I’m not trying to make money off of it, I’m just trying to get a handle on my school work. I’m sure plenty of students agree with me.

  15. Trent

    I second that motion!

    As a division 1 NCAA student-athlete, life is ridiculously complicated. I too need to get a handle on my schoolwork, and I’ve tried LOTS of things, none of them have worked thus far. SCRYBE looks like it could be the one. Please send me and my fellow students a beta invite! That’s all for today.

  16. Les Faber

    A great and logical approach. Keep this up and you will be successful. I have been on the BETA since the start and can only say – WOW! This is a super application. Cannot wait until the other features get activated (I yearn for THOUGHTPAD).

    Les 🙂

  17. cameron messier

    I just checked out the demo video. It looks amazing!! I really like the idea of the ThoughtPad. Really cool idea.

  18. After viewing the video I would really like to be part of the beta test process. This is a product that I and many of my customers would love to use and implement in our daily work lives. As with every one else I paitiently await my invite.

    Thank you and keep up the wonderful work.

    Ryan Sutherland

  19. Faizan,

    Wow. From the video, Scrybe looks incredibly promising. Instead of having one favorite feature, I found myself thoroughly engaged by all of the features, as well as by the fact that these features are now all in one program.

    In a time when software releases have become more about bug fixes and questionable new features, Scrybe stands out like a mountain. It has the potential to change and streamline the way people keep track of their lives, and that is exciting.

  20. Stephen

    email problem. I have tried the feedback@iscrybe.com address listed on the website several times…and your mailserver comes back saying no such recipient.

  21. Milan

    I do pay attention to the launch details page, however they are little awkward – they state “Beta Starts today” – unfortunately, nowhere on that page you can find out what “today” means. It could have been just today, last week, last month or year. For new visitors, that is very confusing; for you, very easy to fix and make things clear.

  22. Rick

    Like so many people, my organizing my life involves using a calander as a scheduling tool. David Allen’s GTD hasn’t worked very well for me because most of the elements DON’T come from an email. They come from phone calls, that yellow stickie that was left on my desk about a meeting, my work schedule sent out as a FAX, or so many other low tech ways that have to be captured. Scrybe seems to offer some real advantages. As a working physician, I really like the idea of flexability. GTD seems to say “This is the way to work” rather than helping me to adapt techniques to the way I work. Sounds like an awesome product!

  23. Roger

    Well, I’ll try to be patient.

    Is it OK to ask to be added by data point 1? 🙂

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  25. Ruben

    In my never ending quest for the ultimate “PIM” application Scrybe looks like it will go a long way to meeting all my needs and requirements. As a full time IT professional and student my needs change depending on where I am.
    My current solution is made up of a PocketPC/phone, my laptop w/ MS OneNote 2007 (beta), 37Signals Backpack and a pad that I carry in my pocket.
    The limitations of these tools are obvious. OneNote is a fantastic application in the category of “digital notebook.” I use it for class and work, but if I’m not on my laptop (which is very possible since I have multiple PCs both at work and home) there is no other way to get to my data. Backpack is another wonderful tool. It’s become my online catch all, but the problem is the ‘online’ part. When I’m in class I have no access to the internet, so it isn’t a viable option for taking notes.

    So what am I looking for in a solution? Everything. I want an online component, i want to be able to access and edit my “stuff” when I’m offline, I want some sync functionality so that I can get to my critical info…whenever. Scrybe looks amazing and I’ve only seen the short video overview. It looks like your team has really done its homework with this product. I’m eager to learn more and can’t wait to get my chance to test it myself.

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  27. Mihir

    But i cant wait!!

  28. Wow, it’s been quite awhile without any word from the scrybe guys. I really hope they start the next round of beta testing soon. They gained alot of hype initially when scrybe was published on digg and techcrunch.. I think they may be loosing that following and will continue to loose it if they keeping taking as much time as they are. Of course, I’m sure people will forgive the time they’ve taken if the release is a great as we all hope it will be. Only time will tell!

  29. nebur29

    Not to be pushy but Mike is right. You’ve tantalized us with the demo video, and gave us a great explanation why you should not rush into beta testing, but we’ve been left hanging. In the meantime the folks at Zimbra have announced an offline component to their solution and you have to believe that Google is working on one; especially after what happened in Italy recently (a number of people in Milan were affected by an outage which prevented access to Google.com services for 3 days).

    Then there are the reviews. The folks who have seen Scrybe in action say it’s great, but there are folks out there who have been given beta invites who have not bothered to do any testing. We realize that’s not your fault but I’m just tryin to point out that there are folks out here who could probably give you valuable feedback.

    Ok, i’ll stop whining now 🙂

  30. Frank

    This is the classic “anti-hype” hype strategy. So much effort into the video, so much effort into the beta rollout explanation(charts and all) – then absolute dead silence. This strategy is as obvious an attempt at hype as parading around a goofy mascot handing out slick flyers. Sorry. A periodic, brief update on progress is a minimum courtesy (if not obligation) to anyone who took time out to submit their email address to you, giving you that warm sense of comfort of having a future audience. Collective goodwill is fading fast and may soon turn to cynicism.

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  32. Jonathan Long

    Fading good will? Come on. Wait until January 31 before you let your good will fade. GMail still hasn’t “launched” or integrated notebook or even a to-do list into its calendar.

    That’s not to knock Google. I’m a die-hard fan of Google. But three months is not that long to be in beta. And it sounds like Scrybe is going to stick to their time line. That’s good.

  33. Frank

    No issue with the timelines. No issue with 1, 3, 12, 24 month, or even lifetime betas. But plenty issues with zero communication – which has now been adressed (thank you) with apologies (not necessary). Looking forward to reading while waiting.

  34. I am stilling waiting for my beta invite. It would be nice to know when the invites would be given. 🙂

  35. OREO

    I’m still waiting for my beta! I’ve been logging on the website every day and to my email waiting for it. Why can’t you either send a beta access for dedicated users or just make it public? I’m willing to pay $10 for an invitation. Email me!

  36. Stefan K

    Hi There

    Just a quick question – will the final version include reminders being sent by e-mail and SMS ?

    Looks superb – can’t wait to try it /Play around with it 🙂

  37. Stefan, the beta includes this functionality already. 🙂


  38. Garrison Gunter

    Thanks for doing things in true beta fashion. Can’t wait to get that acceptance email and happy to wait for scrybe’s developers as they thoughtfully add testers and gather feedback.


  39. Cynthia Fraga


    It’s been almost three months since this communication. I can’t even remember how long ago I left my email to receive an invitation.

    Couldn’t you at least give us some idea of when we will receive our invitations or when Scrybe will be available to everyone?

    After seeing the video I have been dreaming with Scrybe. I am sure it will be perfect for my necessities!

  40. You guys motivate me. I’ve already seen what my friend has done, beta testing your product. He’s been productive ever since he got access. I can’t wait till you guys release this.

    I saw the video right when I got back from Iraq last Nov. of 06 but I didn’t realize the wait was that long.

    I would really like to be a beta tester. That calender is so amazing, it would make tasks for my platoon simply easy and organized.

  41. mark o'brien

    i’m also dead keen to have a first hand look at scrybe, and i submitted my request for a beta late last year. i saw a plug for scrybe recently on a site and was immediately interested, and headed over to check it out when i realised that i had already checked it out but forgotten about it because the wait has been so long!

    the original post was now over 4 months ago… i think this is a very long time beyond the “next few weeks” mentioned on the site.

  42. Gina White

    I am confident the wait will be well worth it.


  43. Erik

    Any news on the release date? Scrybe looks so nice in the demo-video and I would sure want to test it. The post was made in November and now its almost April and nothing new has been posted. Is the project dead? Even if there are no room for more beta testers some news on the progress of the project would be nice.

    Best regards

  44. HelloWorld

    Peace people

    We love you

  45. Nick

    I hope this application isn’t dead in the water? Is there any new news about the status, release, beta licenses, anything? Looks like a marvelous app!

  46. Dave

    Ok I’ve been on the list for 7 months so I guess you don’t want me, so please just give me the release date.

    Everyone says it’s great, so how much greater can you get it?

    Thanks for listening

  47. falk

    Is this project still alive?

  48. J-Mac

    I’m surprised that you haven’t become a part of Google, as you and Google are the only companies that run perpetual betas.

  49. I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

  50. Is that a new way? Are you playing with my smooth pope I have a nice joke for you) What goes faster than a rabbit in a field? A rabbit in a blender.

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