Feedback from Beta Users

I will start blogging more frequently, mostly about what is going on with Scrybe, the thought process behind having some features and not having others, and other topics that fascinate us. I apologize for the for the lack of updates on the blog so far.

Phase 1 of the beta is approaching an end as scheduled and Phase 2 with the Thoughtpad will be starting in the next week. Several thousand more users will be added during Phase 2 and all the registered users will get Scrybe accounts in Phase 3. 

Here are some of the comments by Phase 1 beta testers posted on the user forum: 

Very impressed – very well thought out – elegant… *everything* about this product, launch, beta test, the app itself, presentation etc. has been *very* well thought out – congrats.  MrBoJangles 

…Off-line worked great. When I went back on line BAM it was re-synced…Very kewl, they sneak folding instructions on the print out. As I went to bed I remembered a task I forgot about from last week and wrote them on the paper print out…Every time someone saw me read it or write notes on it they were blown away and wanted to know how I did it.  davidg

…I can tell that the product has been extremely well thought out, and the actual implementation has been done with the same care. Most of the kinks must have been already ironed out prior to rolling out the public beta, and I’m betting considerable usability testing as well.I’m also impressed with the beta process itself. An e-mail was sent with the phases it will go through, and the features to test. The developer seems to be watching the forums very closely, and following up to issues that have been found.  zenrain

So far everything has worked great. It took a while for me to understand how to access information offline. I checked both remember me and enable offline sync (worked like a charm).  ntwatson

Impressive that there are not many reported bugs in 4 or 5 days. I figured there would be about twice as many as I see in the forum. Kewl!  wjgray

…I have been VERY impressed with the stability of the program. Usually beta software that I test will have crashed my systems 2 or 3 time by now…  capn4is

This might well be the first calendaring product I actually like to use (except for the home-made thingie which I also haven’t used in a while).  Manuzhai 

I have played around, and printed out the Paper Sync just fine!! Everyone in the office thinks it is cool.  Curt



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14 responses to “Feedback from Beta Users

  1. These comments only whet my appetite for a chance to use Scrybe!

  2. Daniel

    Me too. I’ve been waiting at the mailbox for a long time to get to try this out.

  3. I thought I’d point out that yes, all the above comments are positive ones, and yes, they are all true, and yes, it’s a fair representation of a wonderfully thought out process and product. Well done.

  4. What’s the status on people waiting to receive an invite? I know several people that have requested one months ago but haven’t been signed up yet.

  5. Thank you very much for the blog post. I’ve been very curious about when phase 2 was starting.

    Also, thanks in advanced for blog posts.

  6. I’m glad that iscrybe is doing a beta properly, unlike some people… coughgmailcough

  7. Thomas

    I’m banging my head against the wall trying to do things with Google Calendar that aren’t either aren’t supported yet (lists) or are poorly implemented (cross-midnight events). From the promo video of Scrybe, it seems to be the most user-friendly, feature complete, and intuitive product in this space. I hope to get a chance to take it through its paces soon!

  8. The invitation is waited for.

  9. If I am not wrong, you guys are dependant on storage provided by Flash and using hidden applets?

    New Proposed W3C APIs is coming up with a feature of storage which can eleminate the use of 3rd party tools like flash etc. Anyway great work but it would be more great if you give access to it via APIs and keep it open as much as you can so that it could be integrated on other apps. Great start and keep it up!

  10. Tim

    Thanks for the updates. Glad you’ll be updating the blog more often, because you obviously have a lot of interested fans waiting to learn more and participate in offering feedback 😉

    The video of your product certainly impressed me from an HCI perspective, and this seems to be shining through in the comments as well. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

  11. Chris

    Can you give us an idea when Phase 3 will be starting?

  12. Tobi

    Has the Phase 2 already started?

  13. Bob

    Yeah, you said this week and it seems that Phase 2 hasn’t started yet. Has Scrybe missed yet another date goal?!

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