Some of the enhancements rolled out in today’s build:– Initially we announced that ical and Outlook CSV import would be available in phase 3 . We had actually bumped this up and released it earlier in phase 1 so that beta testers can easily import their current data while beta testing. Some improvements to this, especially for European date format users , Yahoo users and Latin charactersets were introduced today.

– Scrybe now offers better support for ultra wide resolutions such as 1280*800 as well as for 1280*1024. It is still not ideal but does make certain scenarios more comfortable than before.  The recommended vertical resolution for Scrybe is at least 768.

– The automatic date recognition has been improved to support time durations as well as start times. e.g.” 9 am to 11 am Meeting with Bob” will be entered automatically in the correct time range

The Thoughtpad release has been pushed to December 26th, mostly due to some code that had to be added to enable a smooth transition to phase 3 and Sharing. This will also result in an enhanced Sharing feature set in Phase 3.

We’ll be sending out more invites on Wednesday and during Phase 2 and 3. All of the users who expressed interest in Scrybe by submitting their email  will have access to Scrybe accounts around January 31st. This will be the end of the 12 week period mentioned earlier.




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5 responses to “Update

  1. Anders

    Great news Faizan, and I’m happy that you are finalizing the release for the end of January, as I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m in the batch of beta invites for this week.

  2. Oh boy , oh boy! I hope my stocking is brimming with an iScrybe password 🙂

  3. Top 5 Reason I should be sent a Scrype invite:

    1. I promise to use Scrybe everyday for all my projects.
    2. I know how to provide useful feedback and specific details about any issues.
    3. The Scrybe team could always use more female perspective.
    4. I always deliver what I promise.
    5. I bring dough nuts to meetings.

    Happy holidays.

  4. OREO

    “The Thoughtpad release has been pushed to December 26th…”

    Is the thoughtpad still going to be released today?

  5. Warren

    April 16th and still no invite and I submitted my email for beta in August and re-submitted a couple months later. What ever happened to Jan. 31st? Very disappointed and losing interest. Guess I’ll have to find another program/service.

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