Two down One to go

Phase 2 of the beta started rolling out yesterday. The ThoughtPad should be available to all the beta users by the end of today. This build also includes some minor fixes for the Calendar. There are other fixes that have been approved and will be rolled out gradually as they are implemented. I would love to hear your feedback, once you have some notes and web clippings organized into different labels. Please do add the Scrybe bookmarklet before you start using the ThoughtPad in order to be able to quickly add content in it.

As some users have pointed out we have been trying our best to keep our users informed and in the loop but one valid point raised in the comments was that we seemed more focused on the beta users who were testing the product and could do better by focusing some attention on the users who were excited but have not joined the beta yet. I agree that the home page text can be improved to make it clearer and that an email to people queuing up for the beta would help set better expectations. Also all the users that have not been invited so far should be emailed about the current status and it is best not to assume that they are following the forum or blog closely. Thank you for pointing that out.

The home page will be updated to incorporate the above suggestions in a couple of days.



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66 responses to “Two down One to go

  1. baumdexterous

    Sakiba, can you guys list which bugs were fixed so we could try them out?


  2. Javier

    Amazing keep up the good work!

  3. Ellie

    So, this means that, despite what was being said for the last four weeks, no new beta testers are being added in the foreseeable future, if ever.


    And you’re gonna charge HOW much for this after dragging us around by the nose and blowing sunshine up our asses for this long?

    Dude, you’re blowing it big time. There are a lot of pissed off people been waiting months to beta test. All the good PR you got can easily turn to negative reviews before you even release the product. I’m done waiting. I bet I ain’t the only one. Google, Dappad, and Backpack can serve my needs just as well when classes resume next week.

  4. Bob

    When you say all beta testers have been included in Phase 2, do you mean everyone who submitted their email address? Because I did that months ago and haven’t received an invite yet.

  5. Tobi


    in your mail, I hope you will include the answer to the questions (as written in another comment before):
    – will scrybe be free – if not: how much will it cost?
    – is there a possibility to test scrybe for about 10 minutes to check whether it’s worth to wait?
    – do you have a new release schedule?


  6. baumdexterous

    Announcement for people who already have Scrybe’s beta account, with a list of fixes has been posted on the forum:


  7. Beytah

    Thank you for the update. Great to hear you taking suggestions from the community and implimenting them on the website.

    I’m sure that the changes you mention above will make a big impact to the community especially including newcommers.

    Ellie – I understand your frustration, I’m super keen to offer my time to the development process as well.

    However I feel what Sakiba is admittng above is that they didn’t manage the expectations of those who subscribed for Beta properly, and they are now about to remedy this situation with clearer signup guidelines and (hopefully) regular email updates/newsletter.
    Personally I’m impressed that the iScrybe team have made the admission and are taking steps to improve. It gives me confidence that their approach to product development it also truely user driven.

    The situation now is they have vastly more volunteers to test than they require (or expected), and so to make the Beta process manageable not everyone can particpate (at this stage). Also, as with many other products in development, timelines can change. This is important to ensure that all feedback can be addressed, and ensures that a good product can come out the other side. You can see that there are 144 feature requests on the forums already. Egad!

    Until it’s ready for retail/distribution I personally don’t feel that I can place any expectations on the company and complain that I can’t particpate in development. (However I do think it is valid to share that you are commiting to other products because your need is current and you can’t wait. It’s a good observation to offer).

    Bob – I think you may have misread the blog post there (unless it’s been edited). When you say “…all beta testers have been included in Phase 2” were you referring to the comment “The ThoughtPad should be available to all the beta users”?

    As far as I know there are a vast number of people who offered to particpate by entering their email address have not yet been invited. So you’re not alone 😉
    Hopefully the upcomming email/newsletter should clarify the Beta programme particpant selection process for us all. Good luck mate 🙂

    Sabika – Good questions! I hope they come in the email too.
    Normally pricing models are something that are not considered until right before launch, and so I suspect this info may simply not be available yet. Can’t wait to find out though.

  8. “So, this means that, despite what was being said for the last four weeks, no new beta testers are being added in the foreseeable future, if ever. “

    A correction…a few thousand users were added to the beta on Monday. And a few thousand more will be added next Monday.

    The beta is still following the same process that was described before. It pains us to see users who are frustrated because they think they are being held back without good reason. We have been trying our best to communicate what is going on and sharing whatever visibility we have at the moment. We already have and continue to incorporate suggestions that help provide more clarity.

    Everyone not getting accounts is not because there are privileged users and unprivileged ones. It is simply that Version 1 is not complete and ready for a general roll out to everyone. It will be available for everyone as soon as it is ready.

    The reason for sharing internal goals publicly is to hold ourselves accountable for getting out of beta as soon as humanly possible. This is despite the inherent unpredictability in developing innovative software.

    The exact pricing strategy has not been decided yet. We definitely intend to have a free version that is not crippled but is useful to the vast majority of users. This is based on the behavior patterns we are seeing so far.

    We have set very aggressive goals and continue to work hard to meet them. The ThoughtPad rollout was delayed (Although we are happy with the changes we made) and might impact the general availability date. We will keep sharing visibility as soon as we have it.

    All that said, it is still heart wrenching to see frustrated potential users even though we try and tell ourselves that this is a form of tough love :).


  9. UnScrybe

    As I recall, we didn’t sign up for the “general roll out”. We signed up to be beta testers. If that is no longer the case – then just tell us that.

    Its good to feel some pain – you have really yanked everyone around (even though you may not see it that way).

    Its also good to see some real-time communication from you guys…I’m just afraid its too little, too late…and still not giving the answers people are waiting to hear.

  10. Ayala Sherbow

    Thanks for the update and the responses to the comments in this thread. I appreciate how transparent you are being. As a small business owner myself I know that takes commitment and some courage. I encourage you to keep the info flowing and the updates coming. I think that goes a long way in keeping your eagerly awaiting future clients happy!

  11. Zenrain

    Thanks for the update on the pricing strategy. Some rumors were flying, so it’s good to see the general direction you are looking at taking.

    ~ Zenrain

  12. Having read this thread after not checking the site in recent weeks (months even?) since the first flush of love felt when I first viewed the Scrybe demo video, I am pleased to see things are progressing and there is the possibility of some more Beta testers being added to the fold.

    I am ever hopeful that I may be included like so many others must be.

    The anger and frustration shown (mine included on another post) can only be taken as a compliment to the desire for this product. After all we do live in a world that wants everything ‘yesterday’ regardless.

    Whilst I now fully understand the reasoning for limited ‘quality’ Beta testing, a concern for the way the beta testing was/is being rolled out is that it creates an elitist group. That alone serves to irritate the hell out of those not so fortunate to be included. From this ultimately comes bad feeling for the product.

    This is born-out in another (tongue in cheek) post I made, commenting on how fed-up I was having to comb through all my spam just in case I missed the equivalent to the Holy Grail of email invites.

    Interestingly the responses were only from invited beta testers who appeared most happy that they were included in the magic circle.

    Unfortunately this Ivy League approach brings out the worst in people.

    What is most encouraging is that the program looks to have a sensible cost strategy, there does appear a hint that there may be an un-crippled free version eventually.

    I find myself still waiting patiently ‘as fast as I can’.

    In case I didn’t mention it already, a Beta test invitation would still be most gratefully received!!

    Best wishes.

  13. Frank

    Way too much wasted time and effort because you have tried to impose your blend of discipline that suits your development style on the chaos of the masses, leaving many people very irritated (me included). After you signed up the limited number of beta testers you needed, you should have gone dark and simply focused on that group in order to go live and roll this out more broadly. Unmanaged mass expectations are brand killers.

  14. UnScrybe


    Well, lets think about it. There are several of us around here that signed up for the invite last October. The invite for beta testing that is…

    So here we are in Jan 2007. Theoretically just 3 weeks away from the END of their “beta testing cycle”. Its clear that not everyone who signed up will get to beta test. Do the math.

    The kicker is that you can still sign up for the BETA on the iscrybe site…how comical is that one???

    Even with all the attention we have been drawing to this…they are still sucking folks in…thinking they will get to beta test.

    Well I can tell you that if folks who signed up in October haven’t make the beta cut yet…anyone signing up today is just going straight to their marketing roll out hit list for when they go live (if they make it that far).

    At which point you will have to ask yourselves…if they didnt need me then…why should I let them have me now…


  15. Pat

    Sounds more like a headline from a sensationalist tabloid 😉
    Didn’t they just send out more invites on Monday and said that more will be out on next Monday?


    Almost every single blog post since they started, seems to indicate that everyone is not going to get the beta immediately. And they have provided pretty solid reasons on why they think this will benefit the product. If you have been reading the blog and commenting on it I don’t see the point in screaming for your invite in every post.
    At this point, it doesn’t seem like a lack of transparency issue, rather an insistence on not getting what the transparency is communicating .

    I would be happier if I had an invite now but I do know that I won’t be converting to Scrybe until the sharing phase is available.

  16. UnScrybe

    Appreciate your perspective. I don’t agree with it. But I appreciate it. Again, do the math…

  17. RocketRanch

    For those of us that have been waiting for months maybe next Monday will bring a ray of hope……

  18. Gatser

    I am not a BETA tester (yet!) but what the $£$%… it will be a great product anyway ! 😉 (Otherwise I just use something else)
    I wonder when it will be launched…?

  19. Shrag

    Did anyone get invites with this Monday’s distribution?

  20. RocketRanch

    Haven’t seen one yet and I’ve checked my email every few minutes all day long looking for one. I’ve been waiting almost 3 months and thought today might be the day…..

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  23. Tobi

    I did neither get an invite nor an eMail as promised above.
    The start page still calls for eMail-addresses “for beta invite” — no change in the text, no clarification yet.

    Overall disappointing!

  24. Tanz

    Got it at around midnight yesterday and I am liking it so far
    I regularly schedule calls over 4 different timezones and always wondered why scheduling softwares don’t have better support for timezones. This was actually my main reason for signing up.
    I wish I could also rename clocks according to the person I was scheduling it for…haven’t played around with the rest of the stuff so far…
    I couldn’t figure out how to share it with other people.

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  26. UnScrybe

    No invite here either…not surprising give all the HE double L that I have been raising.

    From their launch details off of…”We need people who feel passionately about the problems we are trying to address and who are looking to help us by providing feedback.”

    From their FAQ page…”How can I get a beta account? Please submit your email address to get a beta invitation.” …yeah right….

    Not sure who they want to get feedback from if they cant include those of us who remain somewhat interested in the product??? **Hint Scrybe guys…Hint…You know who post here…**

    I did get the most wonderful and long overdue “explanatory” email…however, it didnt really say anything we didnt seem to know…Oh, it dis say “We intend to remove restrictions on signups at the end of Beta Phase 3, at which point, everyone will be able to sign up.”

    Like this one too…” We regularly add a few thousand queuing users in our beta program.” Couldnt prove it by me…Would be interesting to know if they are taping beta users on a FIFO (First In First Out) manner? Since a number of us hit the send button back in October…I dont think that is their methodology…

    Phase II underway now…has had supposedly two rounds of invites.???..if you dont make the Phase III cut…well then…I am sure you will be eligible to receive a discount off the full version…LOL

    In other words, suck it up folks…guess that they still have us by the short and curly ones… 🙂

  27. Q

    I think the iScrybe team over-hyped and under-delivered. It’s easy for inexperienced teams to get caught up in the moment and mismanage expectations. As a result, the fantastic publicity is working against them. It would be sad to see this fizzle out because of poor execution and building up unrealistic expectations.

    Also, the hinted subscription model will not work for building a real business. It may serve as a stop gap solution while waiting for a Google acquisition. But buying a lottery ticket may be a better use of iScrybe’s time (and money).

    Many of the features touted in the video have been around for quite some time (2 years) by another company with a very similar product. I hope iScrybe has been careful about making sure there are no intellectual property infringements.

  28. Q

    Here is a time zone application by the same company that has a similar calendaring product. The iScrybe video seems to have repackaged existing user interfaces in existing products.

  29. UnScrybe,

    I am sorry but I don’t think I have anything meaningful to add to your comments.

    A phased rollout by definition means that some users will get accounts earlier than other users. Meaning that there will be some people who won’t get access when new beta invites are sent out and they would be disappointed. It doesn’t mean that there is a conspiracy against certain people. 🙂

    At this point, I don’t agree with saying that we have not been forthright about the phased beta. From the first day the beta launched, we have been telling users that all of them will not have immediate access to the beta. And that it is difficult to specify when a certain user will get access. As promised, we have and as time permits, will continue to implement helpful suggestions from the blog.

    I don’t know if anything short of you personally getting an account right now will address your disappointment. An interesting perspective would be to look at when you registered. The viral buzz peaked in mid October. But, Scrybe actually went public in September, and there was a steady stream of people already queuing up by the time it hit the mainstream blogs.

    We understand that not giving accounts to everyone will cause disappointment and we don’t take it lightly. But we are not doing justice to the product, the beta testers, and ultimately to all the users if we are going to open the beta to everyone to curtail disappointment.


  30. UnScrybe


    I do appreciate your response. I am not out to be anti-scrybe. I just want transparency and honest communication.

    You posted…”At this point, I don’t agree with saying that we have not been forthright about the phased beta. From the first day the beta launched, we have been telling users that all of them will not have immediate access to the beta”…..Yeah, but nothing says such on your home page or even when one signs up for the beta. That is the transparency piece that is missing. Realistically, if you have still have not pushed through those who signed up from mid Sept to Oct 31 …then why keep stringing potential users along, and allowing others to request beta (even today), all the time making it seem like beta testing is still an option – when its clearly not. Do the math. I am sure you have user numbers as part of your outlined beta plan. Again, if you have more beta testers than you will ever possibly use – then tell us that. Tell us that we need to hold tight till full release. Tell us no beta for you. Tell us no more beta requests at this time. That is the transparency.

    …”I don’t know if anything short of you personally getting an account right now will address your disappointment.”…. I don’t want special treatment. I am speaking for many of us out there who signed up almost three months ago with an expectation to beta test this product. I am speaking as someone who signed up back in October thinking beta testing was near. No communications have gone back to the folks who enrolled until the email that you all sent this week. So unless I/they took the time to come back and check the blog traffic out – they would not be in the know.

    We all know that betas are rolled out in phases – much like you are doing. I agree with the post from the forum that stated one could reasonably expect that if you have moved to Phase II – then Phase I should be expanded to additional beta testers. If you are doing that and still have not tapped users who requested betas back in October – then the potential to beta test is worse that we had thought.

    So what would make things better. Perhaps a communication from Scrybe….something like this:

    “Due to the strong interest and the extraordinarily large number of folks that have requested beta accounts – it has become clear that not everyone will have the opportunity to beta test this product. As an example, we have had such interest that we have still not issued beta accounts to folks who signed up back in October 2006. So as of today, we are no longer accepting beta requests – but you will be notified when we go live. As we pride ourselves in being transparent you will receive periodic updates via email as to the status of our product and you will have your account activated when we complete beta testing. Thanks for your interest and support in Scrybe. ”

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  32. Ooh, how do I get in on this beta!?! Please, please!

  33. UnScrybe

    Well, got quiet from the scrybe folks….hmmmm….

  34. Beytah

    New Beta sign up message on your front page looks good. Nice choice of wording. Thanks for this 🙂

  35. RatStink

    This is ########. # ##### # ###.
    Over-promising and under-delivering = angry customers!

    You’ve ###### ## ###.

    Keep your ####### Scrybe. I don’t want it anymore.

  36. breaking news

    @ratstink: if you look at the bottom of the faq it says that bitching and moaning will get you an account. wow you’re so lucky, they should be sending you an email with an invitation any day now. good job, you win the prize 😀

  37. Tobi

    > We aim to be out of beta in 6 to 12 weeks.


    I counted that the 14th week of beta duration starts tomorrow. Can you please update your time schedule – just by fuzzy values.
    One week to go? One month? One quarter?


  38. We don’t moderate but any comments with inflammatory or inappropriate content will be deleted without any warning.

  39. Hi Toby,

    Thanks for your interest in Scrybe and taking time to follow up on the progress.
    The delays will definitely not extend to a quarter :). However as anticipated the General Availabilty date has been impacted by the delay so far.

    We don’t have the final dates yet, but we hope to announce the start date for the final phase within the next week.

    We will also update the launch details page as soon as we have more visibility.


  40. Sheesh!

    I think we should all calm down and get this in perspective…

    1. Yes it looks great

    2. Its basically a CALENDER app…

    3. You managed to live without it.

    4. Its done when its done.

    5. There’s loads of people who emailed for beta invites so you weren’t the only one left out.

    And thats about it… if we keep this in perspective and let them do their jobs then it will be out before you know it:-)


  41. Paul

    Thanks for the comments Paul. I was wondering where all these whiners were coming from.

    As I understand it, this company is inviting lots of people to try out a product and provide feedback to iscribe if the testers so desire. And that same company is going to try to make this product freely available to many users after beta.

    Sounds pretty generous to me. And 12 weeks in beta, or even 6 months for a product of this caliber, is amazing.

    I’m a successful small business owner, and I gotta tell you, if I were making an offer like this for a revolutionary program like this, I’d try to give special attention to the whiners. They wouldn’t like it.

  42. UnScrybe

    Yup – me again…took a break to wait and see how things progressed. Unfortuately – things have seemingly stalled.

    Scrybe is talking about general avail. But yet still enrolling beta users to a waiting list.

    Screw that. That just sucks. 3 months on a waiting list and still cant be tapped for a beta. Complete nonsense.

    They ingnored my prior posts and suggestions (not surprising – and I am fine with that). Didnt really expect it to change a thing.

    They are doing what they want – and crapping on those on the waiting list.

    If its so guarded at this point in the beta – that is so not good.

    Something Stinks.

  43. UnScrybe

    Love you too @!

  44. Michael

    I believe that the calender you linked to is an exaple application from Laszlo Systems for their product OpenLaszlo which is an open source platform for rich UIs on the web. I’m guessing that if the clocks etc. are the same, that the Scrybe team are using this platform to develop their application and simply used some of the built in controls…

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  46. Magali


    I’d like to make a small suggestion: when you reply to comments to update people on the delays, it would be great if you could post these updates as a blog entry. For example, your reply to Toby (Jan. 30th) would be quite appropriate as an entry.

    This way, everyone would have access to the latest info without necessarily having to read through all the comments. It would also help people realize that things are progressing.

    Thanks (and good luck)!

  47. Kristof

    For the last month I have been checking my mailbox daily for that one relieving message, telling me that I can start beta-testing this wonderful application.

    When will you put an end to my suffering?

    Greets from Turkey.


  48. Bobert

    @ Sabika

    I agree with Magali. I understand that you guys want to create the best possible product before releasing it to the general public – I appreciate and greatly respect this method. You’re sticking to your guns.

    But, it is absolutely heartwrenching to discover that the deadline has passed with NO WORD whatsoever from the team (blogwise).

    I understand that sometimes deadlines can’t be met – I don’t really have a problem with that.

    However, it is maddening to daily watch the blog and see NOTHING new. One would think that a big situation like a missed deadline would merit a new posting.

    Regardless whether the feedback is good news or bad, people will always prefer feedback to no feedback. Wouldn’t you say this is true for you in regards to your beta testing? Wouln’t you prefer for someone to admit that they don’t like a certain aspect of your product, over that person keeping this vital information to himself? Same thing with us. This is all just basic PR.

    Please, please, please blog on a regular basis, be it once a day, every other day, twice a week, or once a week – ANYTHING as long as its consistant.

    These small things (like regular updates) give us something tanglible to look forward to until the final product is finished.

    Thanks for your time and consideration,


  49. David

    I agree with Bobert. I must admit my initial enthusiasm for Scrybe has become very dampened because I don’t see any changes in the product in the month that I have been involved with the Beta Testing. Initially, the product is great, however there are a great number of items that (in my opinion) need to be addressed by the Scrybe team, and I know that there are tons of suggestions from others. Seeing no additions to the Blog is also disheartening. It feels like the product has stalled and that any day now, we will log on to the website and find out that Scrybe is gone. It is hard to maintain enthusiasm when this is going on.

    I agree with Bobert on some kind of 2 sentence blog every other day saying, “Hey, everything is going great, here is a list of some things to look at.”

    I also agree with Bobert that delays are fine. Delays can be very good, if it means the product benefits. But keep your potential money spending consumer base informed, otherwise everyone will just get frustrated and go elsewhere.

    Anyway, take it or leave it. It seems like you still have a very loyal group of people who care.

  50. Simon

    I must admit that I’m incredibly disappointed by Scrybe. What initially looked to be a fantastic product has slowly become a damp squid.

    I’ve been using Scrybe for the past couple of months, so I’m not even complaining because I haven’t got an invite. The concepts used in Scrybe, accompanied by the Flash UI is exceptional, and I enjoy using the app, _however_, the way the user community are treated is enough to put me off. Here’s why:

    * Many forum posts are ignored, even feature requests are left unanswered if the Scrybe team aren’t interested

    * This blog is only updated once in a blue moon. Even when the Scrybe team _say_ they will make an update on the blog, promises are never kept.

    * General turn around on minor enhancements are mind boggling slow. One complaint several users have made is that the faint highlighting of today’s date on the calendar makes it impossible to see on a laptop. A minor inconvenience one might think, but it’s actually very annoying. This was reported over a month and a half ago and even though Scrybe promised to fix it, have still failed to do so. How hard is it to change the highlighting on the current day of the month?

    * The way beta users have been treated is terrible. Lack of information (accompanied by what I feel to be a general lack of sympathy as well) and the fact that all there ever are are renewed excuses. There’s only so long a user community will put up with this type of behaviour.

    I feel very sad for Scrybe and the team that developed it. I understand they want to make a great product and have a thorough test/feedback session, but this is beyond a joke. There have been only 2-3 visible updates to Scrybe in what…4 months? If you’re going to have such a large testing period, implement the feedback the users are providing you with and keep them informed.

  51. sawyer1927

    I must say that I am coming around to this view also. I signed up in September last year and have checked this forum almost daily ever since. I initially supported the practice of undetaking a realistic beta testing before release, but it’s gone way beyond that now.
    The product will undoubtedly be a quality one and will probably be constantly updated and patched as all good products are, so the need for beta tesing to the nth degree of perfection seems to be counterproductive, and ultimately damging to the good name of the company.
    As the old adage says: “keep ’em wanting more!”. But you have to give ’em something!

    By all accounts you already have a far superior product guys. Please release it quickly and let us ALL, help you to make it a better one

  52. Bobert

    I would also like to point out that since 9 January, when this update was posted, no more than 4 days have gone by without comment from SOMEBODY, and even to go without comment for this long is quite uncommon, as it only happened 4 times out of the 54 comments.

    People care. People check this blog daily. People are used to daily posts (from the plethora of other blogs out there who practice this). People want feedback.

    I would like feedback.



  53. baumdexterous

    I haven’t commented in a while but I have been checking the blog on a regular basis (with disappointment). I am honestly starting to lose my enthusiasm for Scrybe.

    Sabika and the Scrybe team – I really recommend for you to start stepping it up and updating your users and site. Out of respect, I highly suggest for you to stop ignoring your fans and start updating more often. You are building bad credit and history for your future product.

  54. Simon

    There is perhaps one good thing to come out of all of this…
    In years to come, Scrybe will become a case study in every major college software course as part of Software 101 – ‘How to kill a software product’

    Incidently, wasn’t the “but we hope to announce the start date for the final phase within the next week.” comment made over 2 weeks ago…?

    Scrybe team – Scrybe is a wonderful product, but if you don’t treat your users with a little respect, a good product with a clear amount of time and effort involved will go to waste. And I for one would be terribly sad to see that happen.

  55. Susan

    People seem to have forgotten what a beta is and what the purpose for its release is. That purpose is not to give us all the newest, hottest thing–for free!–before the guy down the street can get his hands on it; it’s to enable the writers of a program to subject their product to a substantial test and render it as appealing and resilient as they can ***before*** it goes out into the world to be judged. I bet if the people who are hollering indignantly about how slow it all is had their way and got their invitations on the spot, they would proceed directly to be hollering about bugginess and poor service. I don’t even need to speculate; I see it in the forums now.

    Customers of fully released products are entitled complain if they are disappointed and make to demands. But this isn’t a full release, and we aren’t customers.

  56. Sian

    Hi Team,

    Don’t worry about all the noise on these pages, they’re not paying the bills. That aside, please enlighten us with the issues and difficulties that you’ve encountered and continuing to encounter with developing such a product.

    1. Is Laszlo all it’s made out to be ?
    2. Is the team spread out internationally, i.e. in India/States ? What sort of issues are involved bare the obvious ones ?
    3. Was the demo a success or was it too early for general viewing ?
    4. Has there been any approaches from the big boys yet i.e. Google/Yahoo or venture capitalist ?
    5. What is the one thing that aspiring start-ups shouldn’t do ?



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