Scrybe Bookmarklet Updated!

Bookmarklet has been updated. 

  1. The Close Window button has been removed and now the bookmarklet window closes automatically upon clicking Update or Cancel.
  2. Bug reported on the forum “All text (containing no hyperlinks) is being displayed as hyperlinks (colored blue) in the bookmarklet pop-up” has been fixed.

You won’t need to update anything on the links toolbar. The changes will be updated automatically.  More updates will be rolled out in this week based on your feedback on ThoughtPad as well as some Calendar bug fixes. Stay tuned!




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5 responses to “Scrybe Bookmarklet Updated!

  1. baumdexterous

    cool. we are looking forward to calendar updates and bug fixes.

  2. David Gerbino

    Team iScrybe,

    Nice Bookmarklet fix. I went back to the source page from the post regarding this error and copied even more text with several embedded links and the bookmarklet worked like it should. Nice job. I look forward to the other fixes.

    Also, thanks for linking to the forum post in the blog and visa versa. It ties together the two communication channels.

  3. Frank

    My new suggestion is this whole Commenst section should only be open to those who have beta accounts and are actively testing the product. The rest of us can forget about all this and not waste our time making suggestions. Its as if a movie is showing and the director and actors are inside with a pre-selected audience, while the rest of us are wait outside in the rain for the day tickets go on sale. How ridiculous is that?

  4. Boy do you need me. A techno-klutz to keep you all honest. I’m first tried to update my Outlook calendar…but there’s nothing about using Scrbye and regularly updating Outlook because it links to ACT! Finally did but your instructions don’t help much.

    But then all I wanted to do was move the bookmarklet onto my screen. From the scrybe page, I couldn’t move it–though I could use it. So I added it to favorites. I could move it from there, but it didn’t like any of the areas in my toolbars.

    Help & thanks.

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