Invitation Status Update..

Just a little update on the invitation roll out this time. Other than a couple thousand invites that we usually roll out, we have also sent out invitations to everyone who has commented on this blog up to Monday, March 05, 07.Although, we are not a complete product offering, with Phase 3 yet to be introduced, we believe that it was important not to loose the people who have shown so much interest and support for Scrybe and have often declared that they understand the meaning and sanctity of a beta program. 

Also, with a few updates and 2 phases already out of the door, it helps to get fresh feedback from users who are so willing to help. If due to incorrect email addresses, I have missed any of you out, please email me at feedback(at)iscrybe(dot)com, with a link to your comment made before March 05. 

Your feedback has been very important so far and we hope to continue receiving it. This was a small gesture of gratitude from our end and we hope that you all will appreciate it. I will be announcing some time zones’ related updates in the build in the next few days. Stay Tuned! 




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171 responses to “Invitation Status Update..

  1. *sniff*
    It doesn’t pay to be patient if you don’t show it. *cry*

    Still hoping (since October 2006),

  2. disabledbobcat

    I’m in the same boat Gwen. I’ve been following the blog but I didn’t feel like getting harassed. I have made a few forum posts though. Oh well. I suppose all I can do is keep waiting.

  3. Gwen,

    Funny story. I have been watching scrybe and checkin my email box daily hoping for that beta invitation. I put in my work and home email. But…

    No invitation has come.

    I have shown the video in a class I teach and shared it with colleagues in the business community hoping to raise my beta invite karma.

    No invitation has come.

    Tuesday, my girlfriend (the fabulous and talented Intellagirl) tells me she is on this cool new beta. it’s scrybe. She tells me I should check it out. I mention I told her about it in October.

    But still no invitation has come.

    Soon my 70-year old mother in the wilds of Canada and the Ice Station Zebra in Antarctica will get their invitations.

    Someday my invite will come.

  4. Uh oh. I’ve been lurking here too long, IMing with friends, waiting for the beta invite to be sent. Even blogged about it last week or so (here please) , pimpin’ for my own spot. It’s hard out there for a …. well, whatever. I don’t remember if I’ve ever commented, but I’m hoping I have. Or maybe my story of blog-kissing-up will sway the voters. Time will tell. Sigh.

  5. Jovan

    Boohoo. I’vc been waiting for months for an invitation too. I didn’t realise all it would take is to reply to this blog.

    Hello boys!

  6. p3dro


    (Is that enough to get an invitation?)

    I’m still waiting, and becoming more and more inpatient… F0r now I’m using Google Notebook and Google Calendar but Iscrybe promisses a lot more.

    Keep up the good work!

    Still waiting…

  7. Gogsy

    Me too, been ckecking the forum and blog since last October when I registered for the beta, still nothing, still waiting…

  8. mohammad

    im sad i havent received an invitation after so many months, but i’m at least happy to know i’m not the only one in this sad boat. 😦

    unless they have my wrong email? maybe?

  9. Danijel

    This is like Murphys law. Just the other day, I lost my patience and said in the forum that I’m losing faith in these people as I’ve also been registered with the address since October… And couple of days later, everybody who ever wrote here gets an invitation. Of course, I never did. Because I never comment, I read… You guys just made my day.

  10. kathy

    rats – I’ve been following this every day too – checking email, even have alerts set up – no invite.
    Guess it doesn’t pay to be a patient lurker…

  11. Don

    been waiting enthusiastically since October, thanks for all the updates & the patient philosophy of rolling out. I believe it’ll make for a better product in the end.

  12. Lior

    Same here… been reading the posts in the forums and in the blog, hoping for an invite (even mailed Sabika once)… But nothing yet to come.
    Hope to be invited soon…

  13. Davis

    Yeah, I am one of those who made some posts in the forum, but failed to comment in the blog. Help me out!

  14. alexei

    same here! checking blog every second day, patiently waiting and wanting the time to go faster…

  15. Abby

    Man, I’ve been checking the blog constantly and just never got around to posting! Here’s hoping I’ll be in the next batch of invites!

  16. statix

    amazing. i had already given up hope on scrybe and been using Gcal for a month. i will have to remove everything. i had gone accustomed to Gcal, its going totake some thing to make me move. but thanks for everything, and i hope in the end scrybe will persude me enough. now to accept my invitation.

    ps. thanks for reaching out and sending an invite to all those who commented. it was the first step in the right direction to connect to the end user. job wel done, almost makes up for the 12 weeks without any update 😉

  17. mattmc

    Crap. I guess this proves the old saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

  18. Like the others…
    I keep checking the blog. Every time I open my mail I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’ve been following Scrybe for a long time now and am still eagerly awaiting an invitation.

    This reminds me of Bobby Moran’s 5th grade birthday party. I never did get an invitation.

  19. Its surprising that they roll out 1000s of betas at a time (I’m assuming in the order signed up) and those of us who have been waiting for moooonths still haven’t been invited.

  20. Morgon

    Amazing. Been waiting on this for a few months, and going through all kinds of different calendar apps and managers trying to find something to fit my workflow… this looks to be the one, but…

    I guess simple patience didn’t win out this time, eh? Bummer.

    Managing a household, business, and a band, would have been great to help on the beta.

    Still waiting…

  21. Hugh

    Well I sure learned my lesson. Like all of the others above me I have been waiting for months for an invite. I am sure by know you have all ten of my email addresses. From now on I will let my displeasure be known.
    Like Matt said …. Crap.

  22. David Gerbino


    I know you and the Scrybe team said that “we have also sent out invitations to everyone who has commented on this blog up to Monday, March 05, 07”. As a loyal user since November 2006 and semi frequent poster to the forum I strongly urge you to also invite all those good people who posted to today’s blog. They seem pretty loyal to me and I expect they would make outstanding beta testers.

    Bottom line: Invite them and make an everlasting connection.

    – Dave

  23. w00t w00t…thank you for the invite…this rocks.

  24. Dan

    I agree with Dave.

  25. carol

    what’s the deal? i’ve just been waiting and waiting. why would i comment on a product i haven’t been able to try out yet?? there’s not much use just complaining… or maybe there is…

    here’s an idea. there are several similar products that people are trying out currently. you’re likely to lose marketshare if people go on and commit to another product just because they could. it’s a lot of work entering all the projects and data.

  26. Wyslij

    C’mon, invite me to iScrybe, I’ve been watching you develop this and I’ve been needing this funcionality for quite some time!

    The videos are great, just watched them several times… now I need a real thing to try…

  27. Scott

    I agree, it would be pointless to comment on something I never tried. This blog is on the top of my bookmarks as I check it everyday. The only comment I would have ever made would be to ask Sabika when my invite was coming (waiting since October); I figured he had enough people bugging him, but apparently thats what it takes. Please send an invite my way!

  28. Jorg

    Good quote: “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”
    I’ve put myself in the beta in oct 06… and am in the same boat as a lot of others I see. Just patiently waiting, not shouting on the blog and forum to hurry up… Oh well, we’ll see when we get an invite..

  29. Simon

    Sabika, it looks like you just opened a huge can of worms….

  30. Atlas

    If Scrybe is as good as the video show it, it will be a killer apps.

    Like all of you, I’am waiting for my beta. Hope it will come soon since I will have to choose a calendar in the next month.

    Keep up the good works….

  31. I have sent out the invitations to you all as the last batch in this roll out.
    This was one of the most popular suggestions on our Passionate Users entry and we thought that now would be an appropriate time to roll out invites to people who have actively contributed in the form of support or otherwise. 🙂
    There is definitely no way of picking out passionate users without any human intervention, so here it was this time. We do truly appreciate your patience, but please understand that there was no way for us to process a very long waiting list of users who we have no visible feedback from.

  32. “I figured he had enough people bugging him”
    Scott, I, Sabika, would be a she :)..

  33. Bean

    I think its hard waiting for an organizer because most people kind of think well, i want to have one thing and stick to it and one doesn’t really want to keep switching. But then maybe the problem is that so many people found out about it early and then just keep waiting and waiting instead of finding out when it was more widely available and then it just starts getting annoying to wait even though its not really anyone’s fault. I wonder though just how many people are on the list. It seems that it must be v. v. long.

  34. Mark

    So- just one more here who registered early for the beta invite, reads the blog and the forum, but doesn’t comment, and therefore doesn’t get an invite. just so I have this straight- even though I registered for an invite at the beginning of October and have been patiently waiting and keeping up with the blog and forum…. someone who never registered for the beta but who popped into the blog on March 4th and made a comment gets an invite and I don’t. Yep, one more way to discourage your long-standing base of interested users.

  35. ashoka

    It’s hard being the messenger innit ?:-)
    I could chime in and state my disappointment at not having yet received an invite …….but I understand that you can’t make everyone happy and that you are working with quite a few constraints. Your product offering and demo video sounds really exciting ! If I ever get to try it ….it appears to the organizer I’ve been waiting for . Looking forward to hopefully getting an invite sometime soon.
    Thanks for all your efforts Sabika

  36. Zannah

    I’vc enthusiastically been waiting since October 2006 for an invitation too. I’ve checked my mail every day and been thinking “Maybe today…”, but oh no. I could never realise all it would take was to reply to this blog. I’m a bit disappointed!

  37. Finally got my invite. Wehoooo.

  38. p3dro

    Me too! Me too!

  39. Bobert

    Thank you for the invite – again, I truly appreciate all of the wonderful response to our feedback, both here and in the forums!

    From what I can see so far, your product is every bit as life-easing as you promised it to be.

    I look forward to see the continuing process as you move towards a better and better product.


  40. SMS420


    Glad to see regular activity on the blog – Thanks.
    I guess yours is not a very big team and co-ordinating all of this is not easy. I have seen your video couple of times and have been itching to try it out. Also saw that IScrybe was picked as as one of the best of Apollo demos. This has further increased my curiosity. Hopefully I will get an invite soon.


  41. gstrout

    I have been following the blog through RSS subscription. Is there any possibility you could give invitations to those of us who are subscribers to the Blog?

  42. disabledbobcat

    Thanks for the invite. I love Scrybe. It was entirely worth the wait. You guys are awesome. Keep up the AMAZING work.

  43. samkusnetz

    loyal users? active participants of the feedback process?

    how can i be either without *using* the product!?

    i eagerly look forward to using scrybe, as i have since october, and likewise look forward to providing input once i’ve gotten my hands in it.

  44. plinkitypluck

    Back when I first heard about Scrybe, I thought it was too good to be true. Then there were delays, so I told myself, “Well, it’s better that they work out the bugs and make sure they have a great finished product.” But I’m getting seriously antsy for a beta invite. I applied for one back in OCTOBER, and then have been coming back here to check for updates regularly, but never posted. Right now, I’m feeling pretty gipped, quite honestly.

  45. tal

    like everyone around here im quiet dissapointed, ive been reading and waiting for a quite a few months ago but without commenting cause i didnt had nothing to comment about after not using scrybe, check out my registration login request and send me an invite
    preety please 🙂

  46. Di

    Here I was … quietly waiting and watching since last fall, feeling superior to my fellow impatient, trash-talking, wanna-be beta testers. I was sorry for you guys getting so much grief while you’re also trying to launch what sounds like a really incredible new app. I check back today (as a I do about every week or so) and find out that the squeaky wheels do get the grease! Wow, I guess just never learn.

    So I’m still waiting and maybe this time I’ve really learned my lesson: shrinking wall flowers never get asked to the dance.

  47. same boat…still looking for that one magical app that will keep my attention long enough to make it a part of my as-yet poorly organized routine. been thinking this was it for some time now. I’ve also been amused by some of the whiny commenters who seem to know better than you or anyone how to run a company…they’re also likely the ones that weren’t going to pay for your service anyways.

    p.s. I love how many people have posted since this message (shamelessly one of them)

  48. KK

    Another “waiting since dot” blog reader.. I have wasted so much time messing with other productivity apps as I check my inbox daily to see if an invite for scrybe has arrived…..

    Oh well, glad to hear this software is still in development and is not another tragic vaporware.

    Though you really should let us eager beta testers in!! You want feedback.. I’ll give you feedback!
    But I’ve nothing to comment on so I haven’t wasted your blog roll on pithy, pointless comments here in the past.

  49. Nusm

    I’m posting, but not because I want an invite. I don’t want an invite anymore. It’s sheer morbid curiosity to keep checking the blog & forums. Scrybe is like a car wreck that I can’t look away from. I’ve posted a few times on the forums, but never in the blog comments. Now I see the blog whiners get invites – some of whom I’m SURE signed up for the beta after I did, but yet they’re in.

    Just another way Scrybe has found to breed negative feelings about their product. Just when I thought they couldn’t screw it up any worse, they find a way.

  50. d173p

    I guess i join the throngs of quiet readers not wanting to bother the scrybe folks, (although i too commented on a forum,) please include us asap thanks

  51. d173p

    ps just landed from bieng in transit for 4 days in Africa and a 20 hour flight and one of my first places to check is the blog – i really do need to get a grip:)

  52. Ken

    Here’s hoping for the next round of invites…
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  53. Slice

    Like so many others I have been waiting patiently since I signed up months ago. I have not commented on the blog, since without product I have nothing to comment about. Now I learn that all it took was a comment on the blog. Hmmmm.

    Having worked in software development for most of my career, I understand (as you so aptly put it) ‘the meaning and sanctity of a beta program’.

    Still waiting patiently to contribute to what appears a ground breaking product …

  54. Patrick

    I would have commented if i only new. I have waiting forever it seems.

  55. I think this will be a really useful tool if I could just get a chance to use it. I work in the IT department of a University in the South Eastern US and I Beta test a lot of different programs for use in a lab environment. I think that this type of program would be beneficial to the students that use such labs. They could organize their time and classes according to their needs and that way be more efficient. Thanks

  56. Brad

    I’m really annoyed now too!

    I have checked the blog once a week since day dot, joined up for the forum and have been patiently waiting my turn.

    Now I find out that if I had done a dummy spit and acted little a whiney baby girl (like UnScrybe) I would have now been joining the program.

    I guess the old saying is true – the squeaky wheel gets the most oil!

  57. somehow i found a link to this site and was blown away by the program. i am highly interested in receiving a beta invitation. pretty, please? with sugar on top?

  58. Killmon

    Hello all,

    A while back I contributed to the blog the suggestion of using the email list to send out an update to the people on it that did not receive their invites. I was happy to see that my suggestion was implymented and hope that it qualifies me for my invite.

    Can you please let me know?

    kind regards,


  59. Lutz

    Like so many others I have registered some time ago. And all I can do ist to watch the video over and over.
    It is promising and I really would like to try scrybe.
    But why the h$%$ should I leave any comments about something I haven’t even tried out?
    If you invite me you will get comments about everything I like about scrybe and anything I don’t.

  60. The software is excellent and well worth the wait. And its only in Beta!

    As per the complaints, I signed up in Oct and followed the blog but also POSTED here and there with my opinions… Maybe thats why I got an invite last week?

    To be fair, I think there’s a lot of unreasonable people who are never satisfied unless they have their own way. Even after each set of additions, people have complained! I can’t believe it… As if we are owed something?

    Let them get on with the programming… Post a few comments here and there and then just get on with life, thats what I did and although I was no ‘squeaky wheel’, I did get an invite.

  61. Didn’t realize we had to comment, was just waiting on the news through email. I hope there are still some invited available!

  62. scott

    Like everyone else I registered ages ago for an app that showed so much (what software design should be). Now it seems all we have is vapor.

  63. Vish

    I have one invite available as I got two and am using only one. If anyone is interested, please email me at vpahuja at gmail dot com. First come wins.

  64. dcarl

    Patiently waiting. Thanks for keeping us up to date

  65. Robbie G

    I think it’s good Scrybe is acknowledging those who are active here. But unfortunately it alienates those of us who patiently wait, instead of saying “plz send me Nvite!!1!”

    Hopefully I will be offered an invite in the next roll-out (now that I’m showing my presence in the blog/forums).

  66. Vish

    Its gone now !!!

  67. brad

    I too have commented several times on the forum, but never to the blog. Here’s hoping this works.

  68. troy

    I have a hard time believing that invites have actually been sent out…been waiting for what seems like forever.

  69. Conan

    Also patiently waiting. The communication from scrybe has been great.

  70. mattb.42

    I glad I’m not the only one still waiting.. registered mid-November.

  71. craigmon

    This looks to be amazing. I’m hoping to use it in my government agency. I’m also hoping to get a beta invite at some point.

  72. Roscoe

    I can’t wait to try scrybe. It gets frustrating to have been waiting since November. I’d like to see how it stacks up against the Franklin Covey Planplus system that our company uses now. I guess good things come to those that wait.

  73. subzi

    I watched the demo last year and I was amazed by the functionality of the program. I have been keenly waiting on the release of this program ever since. I havnt been visiting this blog since there were no real updates a while ago but it looks like things are moving again. Had I known about the invitation give away I would have posted so but alas it seems I have to wait yet again.
    I understand a good program needs to be throughly tested. I hope the wait is well worth the time. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  74. C.

    still riding the Whaaaaaaaaambulance!

  75. Bill

    Hey! I thought I was being considerate by not clogging the blog with idle comments about something I don’t know anything about since I am patiently waiting… but if this helps…
    Wow, great video! Can’t wait to try it!
    Looks super! Etc.!
    Please send me the beta and I will return thoughtful, useful comments.
    Thanks in advance!

  76. Eric

    Why do I feel like I am being punished for not pestering the iScrybe team while they work to roll out what promises to be an exciting new productivity tool?

  77. Congrats on a revolutionary product! I’m eager to get my hands on the invite, too. Have been registered for months, but no comments alas…

    (optimistic de-lurker)

  78. Mike

    Squeak – Squeak.

    Well done for rewarding the vocal minority – maybe you should have rewarded the ones who registered and left you alone to get on with the work of delivering the app.

    Potentially all you have done is annoy the very people who had the patience and faith to let you get on with the job in hand.

    (Disgruntled, ex-member of the silent majority)

  79. Rachel

    Hey, me too – this sucks 😦 From personal blogging experience, I hate when people post unnecessarily on a blog or forum just to say “this looks cool” or “invite me please!” or whatever – i just find it distracting. Which I realize is my own preference, I just prefer to interact with people online the same way I would in person. If someone had something I wanted in person and it was in progress, I wouldn’t feel comfortable poking them every 2 seconds asking for an update. Hence, I silently troll the forums and blogs looking for an update as to when the next rollout, etc. will be, not wanting to disturb the beta process. I’m sad, it does feel a little like those who are quiet are getting punished even if we’ve been waiting for months. I completely understand a slow rollout and all, I’m just disappointed that they think their most supportive and helpful beta testers are only the people who’ve been commenting. Though I suppose it’s smart in that it does get a ton of people to shut up 🙂

  80. Avinash Vakil

    I too would like an invite. 🙂

  81. Nathan

    yes, or at least make it like gmail where others can invite. oh well

  82. Seth

    For most blogs (and I suspect this one as well), the number of folks who post is minor to the number of folks who lurk…. but often the lurkers are the powerusers who don’t waste time saying meaningless things when they have nothing to contribute (yet).

    (Of course, now that I’ve posted, I’m not sure which category I’m in any longer.)

  83. Kevin

    I signed up back in October 06, I commented, no invitation.


  84. Kev (different one)

    I commented…. does this mean I get an invite? 🙂

  85. tb

    I wrote this on the forum and I’ll write it here:

    “Anyone who has commented before March 5th gets an invite” – what kind of idea is this?

    I registered for an invite a looong time ago (November?), but what exactly should I have commented? How much I hate waiting? Or how much I appreciated getting a meaningless “update” email back in January?

    C’mon, send out more invites!

  86. Ah well – looks like I have to carry on with Google Calender and Docs and Spreadsheets – will now however pester you with volumes of inane comments just in case. Problem is I am now having to encourage other people to use Google because that’s the best alternative.

  87. tokjdm

    Would love to get an invite. I’ve been checking this blog/forum regularly but did not want to add my own rant on not receiving an invite so far. Can’t wait to go beyond Google Calendar….

  88. Pete D

    I’m setting up a business on my own doing sound-design and film post production. Scrybe seems to be just what I need to get everything organized. Tried 30 boxes without luck, and really don’t want to go into that teadious outlook interface…

    It sure would be interesting to know how many are in line in front of me…

  89. Sudhir M

    I cannot say I’ve been more excited about the launch of such a tool before. I’ve been lucky to beta a few things in my day, but this one seems to be evading me. How much longer must I wait for thy faithful invitation?

  90. This looks like the solution I’ve been waiting for for ages… I hope my invite comes soon because my Palm battery is nearly dead and I’d rather have this than buy a new Palm. Of course, I’d rather spend that money to buy the new ringflash I’ve been drooling over.

    So guys, help out a photog in need, will you?


  91. Posting so I’ll be in the squeaky wheel club next time around.


    I can’t believe that people who didn’t comment, but who have patiently waited, still don’t have invites…


    I’d still like to try out the program, but I’m not sure I can trust the developers any longer.


    how about invites for people who dugg the video so long ago?


  92. Martin

    I keep on checking your blog and not getting much out of “checking if they quietly released the last beta” with not much success. Everyday when I get home from the office I think: “It will be great when Scrybe goes finally out of beta and I could plan my next day on the way home”.
    Hopefully you’ll give me the chance to be a tester and help you out to build what it seems to be the best everyday/all purpose productivity program.
    Keep up the good work!

  93. Russ

    Oh I get it… sending in your email for an invitation as described on the home page (which was supposd to be clarified in January, right?) is hit and miss, but commenting “Dude! invite me!” works. No, I guess I don’t get it…

  94. Mike

    I’ve checked this site probably several dozen times since the video came out. And I’m still waiting… and waiting… and waiting… I’ll tell all my friends! I’ll be a good beta user! Please…?

    I guess I’ll just have to wait.

  95. Dice

    I keep pointing people to the demo as an example of next generation Web apps… and waiting in hope since October last year for a beta invite… one day soon! no really…

  96. Yossarian

    May I suggest that the beta program is renamed ‘scrybe-22’ as a nod towards Joseph Heller’s novel? Why?… because it seems we’re in a “scrybe-22” situation where we’re required to comment on something we’ve got no access to (and are unable to exeperience) in order to receive an invite to gain access to it…!!

    Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Scrybe-22 and let out a respectful whistle.

  97. Yossarian

    PS. Registered back in late September…

  98. Hi, I’ve been waiting for an invite since november 2006. Use to use Basecamp but without possibillity to work offline it was not working. Now I have a couple of .txt files with lists in. It’s a pain!

  99. fosta

    good to see things moving forward – have spent the interim between registering interest last year in trying to improve my organisation! but I need help…………………

  100. I guess the moral of the story is, no good deed goes unharmed…

    You can’t please everyone.

  101. John

    You gotta give it to them, this way they’re definitely breeding themselves some good “true” Beta testers. But hey – patience is good for karma. I think. *sniff*

  102. Aur Saraf

    I’ve sent two comments months ago, when I first saw it, and I still have no invite…

    Are you sure about that policy you claim to have?

  103. I’ve been waiting for an invite for months! So I hope this works 🙂

  104. Paulo Ferreira

    I’m also waiting for an invitation for a long time. So much time I have to confess I lost some of the initial interest.

    I use RememberTheMilk for tasks, GCal for calendaring and Stikipad for my personal notes. I would love to have it all in one place…

  105. apparently squeaking works… i just got my invite… thx scrybe team
    I’ll be sure and leave relevant comments from now on.

  106. Stephi

    “Patience, n. A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.” – Ambrose Bierce
    I’d really love to test your product 😉

  107. Coterie


    I’m with Stephi et al… patiently awaiting the revolution!

    Shameless adoration? Love you guys! 🙂

  108. E. King

    Is it just me, or is sending invites only to people who have posted an asinine system? If we haven’t been able to use the product, what could we possibly have to say about it?
    POST: Oh, sounds cool
    POST: I can’t wait
    POST: Where’s my invite?

    I mean what’s the point? I signed up a long time ago, and do check back here to see if anythings changed, but an update or some sort of system telling people what to expect would seem to be more effective, at least IMHO

  109. Scott

    Looking forward to an invite. Product looks promising.

  110. Raymond

    Will be waiting for the next invite

  111. Steve H

    I applied for Scrybe in and commented on this blog back in November and still haven’t received an invite.

  112. Zach

    OK, I have been using Backpack for almost a year and am getting fed up with it but I haven’t found a better alternative. I am dying to try your product to prove that there is something better.

  113. Zach

    You’ve been watching too many Kuzco cartoons!

  114. Dave

    Please include me in the next round of invites!

  115. Brian

    Yes same here. I joined the list and I’m really excited to start using this product.


  116. Oliver

    Damn. Squeaky wheels do get the oil.

    I suppose it doesn’t pay to wait silently but watch often.

  117. Will

    Remember me when you come into your next invitation cycle.

  118. Baskar

    Amazing product. Loved the youtube piece. May be, may be, this is the product that finally gets me organized after 25 years of trying. 🙂

  119. Matt Barker

    I can’t wait for the invite. I have been waiting since scrybe first appeared on TechCrunch way back in October. This looks very promising.

  120. Awh:(

    I wish I would’ve posted on the blog.
    Now i still dont have the invitation:(…

    Ah well, anyway is there any news on when a public beta will start?

  121. Matthew Rindfleisch

    Well, I just noted the app in a PCMag article on Web 2.0 apps. Having watched the video and being a constant mobile-warrior/tinker/hacker, I can only say that I am extremely intrigued and would love to provide feedback for the mobile context scenarios. Oh, great gods of Beta Invites, hear my plea!

  122. Been checking here every couple of weeks for an update on the role out. Like all 125 comments above I am getting impatient now!

  123. JR

    If only I’d taken a few seconds to post a comment… sigh, still patiently waiting for my invite.

  124. frenchy!

    hmm.. well, that was a bit frustrating..


  125. malfrey

    Still watching, but losing interest in your product. Perhaps you jumped the gun in exposing Scrybe to the public. I would believe that by now most of your competitors have seen what you are working on and will be implementing similar features into the already fully fuctioning products that most of us are using.

    Give us what you got! Please:)

  126. Deekan

    Been waiting for ages now. I tried everything else out there and nothing comes even close to what Scrybe can offer. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee send me an invite. 🙂

  127. JP

    What a great looking product. Look forward to trying it one day!

  128. Mc

    There is something of a brutal irony about this whole business. I have tried so many different GTD-esque apps, organisers etc etc; online, offline (mostly mac), and when I heard about iScrybe and saw the demo I thought it would be fantastic to try it out and give some feedback, see what I liked etc, compare it with all the other apps I’ve tried and tested. From the demo it really looked like it had some cool (but also spot-on-useful) features.

    Alas, that was back in 2006. Christmas passed, as did the ‘We’re rolling out the beta programme’ novelty. I waited; there is nothing like being nagged when you know perfectly well that your product is behind schedule. I thought I’d just wait until iScrybe was good and ready to send me my beta invite without posting inane comments demanding to know what was happening. Not wasting developer time was the general thought… alas clearly that didn’t pay off. The pity is that I know a couple of other people in just my position, and they represent the kind of interested users who would have really pushed this beta, and would then have been willing to shell out quite some money for it if they liked it. I doubt they will now.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but this whole invite thing has really racked me off. iScrybe has lost much of my support before I’ve even had a chance to log in to it and try it. iScrybe has been lucky to have some great press, but that could well be being undone by the bad feeling it is generating amongst the uninvited.

    Quite how I can be a loyal user or an active participant in this forum, and thus earn my invite, I don’t know. Clearly not having access to the beta kinda restricts my ability. But then again there is clearly a low threshold for what active participant can be counted as. Disappointing.

  129. Really… I’ve been coming back around every week or so, checking on and off since Oct 2006… It’s ’bout time! We could all use some invites!

  130. Michael

    Just wondering, shouldn’t Scrybe change their main web page, or at least the bit that says “Scrybe’s beta is not going to last for years. We aim to be out of beta in 6 to 12 weeks.” I’ve been waiting almost 12 weeks just to get a beta invitation, and that post was dated back in October.

    I think I would have become more attached to the blog had I ever heard from Scrybe again. I really think they can do better as far as talking with interested users — maybe even an email explaining WHY people who signed up haven’t gotten invitations yet. I’m not saying that they absolutely need to give out invitations for everybody, but clearly those people are interested potential customers, and Scrybe owes us at least the courtesy of an email saying “We’re way behind schedule and won’t be able to give Beta invitations for months… turns out the Beta phase is going to last till 2010, but we hope you still like us then.”

    Honestly, since they have taken so long with this I’m surprised a resourceful company like Google hasn’t just ripped them off and rolled out a product that does the same stuff. If I were a Scrybe employee I would be terrified of this very possibility. The tech world doesn’t wait forever, and Scrybe isn’t the only company in the world whose coders understand the magic of AJAX.

  131. Man… I have to be patient. This is slowly getting to me. Seriously, I _really_ look forward to get enlisted in the beta program. Mmmm…. Scrype – me like!

  132. Rick

    Damn! I signed up back in October of 1987 and made the following comments;

    “This is gonna be kewl!” – November 14, 1987
    “Can’t wait for my invite!!” – January 1994
    “Just wondering when this is gonna get out of beta??” March 2003
    “Damn!” – April 2006

    How dare you offer something free to other people besides me. I don’t care if you need time to refine your software and servers so it works correctly. What about me? You can forget about me using your free product.

    Did I mention ME, ME, ME ME?!?!?


  133. Alex Steinman

    Please send me an invite! I’ve been waiting since Nov 2. Thanks.

  134. dan

    i can’t wait to try it out!!! I currently don’t use any calender sites or programs because they are not that good. But this is gonna be awesome

  135. Mauricio

    Just leaving a comment hoping to have better luck in the future with the invitation. I have tried GCalendar but it does not seem a big deal to me and I value the power of a good mind organizer software.

    It seems to me that IScrybe deserves some patience, good luck with your beta!

  136. I too have been waiting for about half a year, im really looking forward to using this great service.

  137. I can’t wait to try this thing out! We are also building a RIA and would like to share information about Flex and such.

  138. Rickin

    Been waiting for ages for an invite!! Didnt realise all it took was to reply to the blog, would of done so months ago! Any news when scrybe will become public? Need to get my hands on this app!! Please send an invite! Much appreciated!

  139. obviate

    Really looking forward to the invite! Have been on the waiting list for months like most of you, and are eager to test out the possibilities with this application. Expect it to make my every day life less complicated. My mailbox is always open (for scrybe invites), so don’t be shy!

  140. Buzz

    Very interesting looking productivity tool.
    Looking forward to trying it out.

  141. Larry

    After looking at several web based calendaring solutions this is the only one that looks (according to the great video) to have everything. I’m looking at using it to coordinate my families life and travel schedule across time zones (I know it sounds weird) and cant wait to beta this myself!

  142. Lester Eversen

    Is this still a living thing (this blog, and the Scrybe product beta download invitation…)? I just discovered the YouTube video and had that “Aha!” moment that others seem to have had. So…is there life in Scrybe, and how can I get my hands on a copy to play with?

    Many thanks.

  143. An invite here too 🙂


  144. Pete

    Scrybe looks very interesting, and it would be great to try it – if only I could get an invitation to join. It’s the old story – the more unattainable something is, the more you want it!

    One day, grasshopper.

  145. Nye

    I recently met someone using Scrybe at a meeting which took 2 weeks to schedule as all attendees were not available at the same time. Some were not able to commit as they did not have their on-line diary or out of the office.
    I was amazed at what Scrybe could do and how easy it is to look at one’s diary even not being in the office.
    I could not wait to go the website and download this fascinating software with which I could work on or off-line, but was disappointed that the subscriptions are closed and one has to put their request, which I have done and waiting anxiously for an invite to join.
    Reading this blog, I sincerely hope it not dead and that people at Scrybe will soon email me an invite, PLEASE.
    I CAN NOT WAIT for this superb software to organise my personal and more importantly, my work schedule at any time and at any place!

  146. I would love to get an invitation to test Scrybe. I hear that it is an excellent application.

  147. David Wycoff

    This appears to be what we have been waiting for. I would be interested in being part of the testing community.

  148. Toni Knuth

    I am impressed with this application and would love to test it. I have asked once but thought I would try posting a comment as well.

  149. This sounds wonderful… in theory. Why can’t we try it?! Is there not even a rough timescale when it will be fully available?

  150. I wanna invite! Boo hoo! Please?

  151. JKR

    Is there anyway that I could get an invite? I’d love to use this & also possibly add to your customer base if the product does what it looks like it does. From what I’ve seen & read, this seems like an excellent product, well worth even spending money on.

    Could I please get an invite?


  152. M S Davis

    Anxious waiting for a calendar that I can work off line with. Hope the invite comes soon.

  153. Alan

    When ever you roll out a new set of invites count me in. I’m really looking forward to trying this and seeing if it helps with a couple of ongoing headaches.

    BTW Loved the sync with paper bit in the vid.


  154. CW

    Looking for a web based calendar solution…is Scrybe it? Please send me an invite as soon as available.


  155. hemang

    plzzz can any1 send invitation plzzzz
    i really need net calendar for my day 2 day use

    my mail :


  156. Francesco

    I have been very impressed from this wonderful video. At the time I am using another task manager for the implementation of GTD, but I would test with pleasure Skrybe. It seems to me very intuitive and fast mit Ajax.
    Please send me an invitation.
    Thank you

  157. Julie

    I am a busy physician and would love to pilot with combining schedules of office and home. Just heard about this at Shape and it was closed. Please send me an invitation.

  158. DJ


    I would love to be in on the beta testing of Scrybe. Would someone please send me an invitation? My email address is:

    Thank you!


  159. James

    I’ve been waiting for an invitation for an astonishing amount of time… It looks like the beta’s taking so long to get off the ground that people are going to discover the other awesome and more integrated working sites out there like 30 boxes, Google Calendar/tasks, and…

  160. Laura Morgan

    I would love it if anyone has any invites left to please send me one.. In dire need of this!


    Laura @ Themorgansplace Dot Com

  161. Rob Bish

    I’m expecting PC’s, MACs and the Internet to be superceded by Vulcan Mind Melding technology before I ever get an invite. Sort of worked like that for me with Gmail – I got in on that, just in time to not need to invite anyone myself, because they could walk in and ask for a Gmail account. I still have 97 invites for Gmail, if anyone is interested.

    I’m trying to be gracious, but so far that hasn’t worked. Quel surprise!

  162. Please can anyone give invitation to Scrybe. Seems to be good thing, want to try it. Best regards, BSpa ( )

  163. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  164. Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 2979ssgfhphzye and 1665Great!

  165. for the last 5 years i have been buying pocket diaries and writing my to do each day lists. Clearly like you all i find it very important to be organised. This has brought me to scrybe and this blog. I saw the scrybe video. Alas! you need to earn an invite. But scrybe deserves more. I shared it with my office and they were trying to find out if we can put scrybe on our ERP.

    Hey scrybe what do you think?

  166. I got this site from my buddy who told me regarding this web site and at the moment this time I am browsing this site and reading very informative articles or reviews here.

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