Hi all,

A couple of updates in the build:

1.  Time zones have been revised as per 2007’s data.

     a.  Some new DST entries have been added, e.g.
Perth has introduced DST for the next 3 years.

     b. Some old entries have been broken up in to two, e.g. Pacific Time used to include
Tijuana which is now a separate entry added as Mexico Pacific.

Please re check the selected time zones in your accounts to make sure, the correct entry is selected after this update.

2.  Some bugs related to special characters have been fixed.

3.  Warnings have been added to remind users that maximum iCal file size cannot exceed 2MB.

4.  Using the CTRL + Left/ Right key combinations, when editing the subject of a calendar event does not result in changing the current calendar day focus anymore.





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50 responses to “Updates…

  1. mindblowing information 🙂

  2. phlegyas

    I am in a hurry to test this promising calendar!

  3. yon

    Loved your product video. Please send invite.

  4. balanceshift

    sounds great, I was actually surprised when google calendar didn’t flinch at the daylight savings change… I can’t wait to finnnaalllyy try Scrybe one day!

  5. Corey McMahon

    Keep up the great work guys! Don’t sweat those people giving you a hard time for not releasing more invites. Some of us follow this blog closely and can anxiously await an invite without having a fit.

  6. Mike G

    Just saw the video – GREAT PROGRAM! Can’t wait to get the demo! I like it because it fits itself to how I work rather than requiring me to fit how I work to it.

  7. Alan Phillips

    Very interesting, it’s good to see updates are frequent and relevant. Can’t wait to try it!

  8. Simon

    Just wish they were more frequent and slightly more relevent (like making the colour of the current day darker*hint**hint*)

  9. ks-c

    i couldn’t tell from the video. . . but are you going to offer sms reminders of appointments?

  10. redheights

    I’ve been hyped up about this program for a while now. Hope I can check it out soon.

  11. Lutz

    Speaking of Timezones: will users be able to add their own city names to the cities listed with the timezones?
    It would be nice to have “my” town listed instead of only some big city far away.

    And SMS- and Email-reminders would be nice.

  12. ks-c:
    Yes, we offer both email and cell phone reminders.

    You can choose to change the Display name in the Time Zones dialog. By default the first listed city in a selected time zone is displayed in the Display Name box, but you can change it to your own city name.


  13. Lutz

    Cool, I hope I can try it soon.

  14. Gandalf

    Truly impressive.

  15. Vish

    Amazing video…. I can only imagine how difficult it is to offer so much compelling features without making the application too big to download and use. Keep up the great work and will continue to wait patiently for the expanded beta.

  16. khoo72

    Its looks like its getting better and better. It’s been months since I registered for the beta. Is an invite coming anytime soon?

  17. I keep coming to this site hoping that one day I’ll be able to get at this, what appears to be, very promising tool. For years I used a shareware tool called “Above and Beyond” from a company called OneSoft or 1Soft. Fortunately I moved to a Mac recently and the app only lives on Windows. The app had a somewhat clunky UI but was the best-ever tool for planning and, most importantly, tracking where time went. My search for a replacement continues with the hope that Scrybe will be “The One”. Cheers, Hank.

  18. matt

    When’s the next round of invites? We’ve been waiting for months!

  19. I am eagerly waiting to test the beta version of iscrybe.
    I have been using all types of calendar applications and i found iscrybe cut above the rest (thru’ video posted on youtube.)

  20. The Mad Vulcan


    Your polite and fair replies to less than polite and fair freeloaders have captivated me.
    I can imagine your beautiful eyes glowing in the light of a computer monitor.
    I can imagine your fingers delicately tapping keys as you tirelessly reply to another less-than-grateful poster.
    I can also imagine a world in which I post clever suggestions for ways to improve scrybe’s utility and functionality. And they make you laugh because I would be appreciative and helpful and I would make witty comments about those who aren’t. And I might tell you that it would be useful to be able to input repeated events according to time and day of the week and things like the first Sunday of every month, have a toggleable event conflict notifier that non-intrusively told you if you had multiple events set for the same time, prioritize simultaneous or overlaying events so that they are automatically arranged with more important events visually more important, or organize your to do lists within a multi-level hierarchy so that you don’t have to sacrifice the details of large projects and at the same time your lists don’t become overlarge and unwieldy.
    But for now, this world exists only in my imagination.
    How can I make suggestions when I don’t yet know of what your tremendous application is capable?
    All I need to make this wonderful world possible for us is one of your beautiful invitations, wrapped in gold ribbon.
    Just think of it, Sabika.
    I would be kind. I would be generous. I would make you feel appreciated and special. I would help make your product better.

  21. Simon

    That’s all the world needs, another colorful language junkie.

  22. that was some beautiful language, and even more beautiful features that even i would like to see implemented..i am a beta tester and if i was able to invite people i would gladly invite you, but since thats not the case you’ll have to wait. it’s a nice app, you guys will like it when you get the chance to try it out for yourselves.

  23. Can’t wait to see this in action.

  24. wow. i just stumbled upon this while looking for a great productivity app. i found it. can’t wait.

  25. Emilio

    Looks like a great product. I was on google calendar and am amazed at how many simplicities it is lacking, as well as most of the other calendar programs.

    Is it odd that we are blown away by the fact that you actually accurately keep up with the new daylight savings time zones?

    Look forward to trying this out.

  26. Ted

    Did you send out invites again too, to a completely different group of people and not following the procedures you laid out? Or was that a one-time thing to keep people from using other products while you court the blog glitteratti?

  27. Our company relies heavily on scheduling. We would love to take a look at your “beta” – is that even remotely possible.

    Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

    Gary Leazenby
    Internet Programmer
    Management Simulations, Inc.

  28. Wow, I have been waiting to test out the beta version for quite a few months now, looks like you guys are making some amazing progress. As a businessman in the fashion industry I can tell you that this product would save people like me and other stylists miles upon miles of paper work ‘clutter’ and time! Hope to test out the product ASAP, I am anxiously waiting for it to release as a full version so I can show it off. Just one question. Is this product going to be fully mac compatible?

    ~Alexander P.

    Stylist & Fashion Designer
    Advanced Placement Untld
    website: coming soon!

  29. Mark

    i left a comment the other day which seems to have disappeared.

    anyhoo… as someone who put my name down last year for a scrybe account, to find that it is now mid-march and still no movement, it’s all a bit frustrating.

    it kind of leaves you with the feeling that perhaps you guys started the promo wind-up a little too early, before you were even close to having something to offer.

  30. Arthur K

    Looks very impressive. I a business angel from Germany, and am very interested to try it out myself.

    Thanks for a beta access in advance

  31. Kevin

    I also put a comment in the other day and now it’s disapeared. I put a comment in looong ago, I signed on for a trial version in October ’06 — guess what — no invite yet!

    I’ve pretty much lost it with this group, mismanagement on a massive scale doesn’t induce a lot of confidence in any product they might put out other then perhaps a premature marketing video.

  32. Taylor

    I too have been watching the blog faithfully for months and have much appreciated the consistency of postings lately. Thank you for the updates.

    I have been using a paper to do list as of late and am looking forward to getting to test the PaperSync features. I think it will offer the persistence of an electronic solution and the convenience of something I can stick in my purse. I can’t wait.

    Keep up the hard work!

  33. amarok

    com’n guys… send us invites!!

  34. Maybe we can try google calendar?

    also beta, but your welcome


  35. Yossarian

    “So… could we have a little feedback as to when the next round of invites may be forthcoming…?” he asked with a grimacing smile through gritted teeth not realising he was narrating his inner monologue in the third person all the while…
    “I’ve always thought it to be an absolutely spiffing product ever since I registered my interest back in…” he paused… sucked his teeth… and concluded wearily “…late September!”. Without waiting for a reply, he turned and quickly strode out of the blog comments.

  36. Rob

    When is the next scheduled round of beta invites? I registered in November and have been patiently waiting to take this puppy out for a walk. I work in QA, test automation specifically, so I think I may have a lot to offer the beta testing process. If getting in on the Beta is not going to be possible, do you have a new date for a potential GA release?



  37. Rich

    I was wondering how the fonts are rendered in scrybe. You mentioned you fixed a couple special character issues in this update and it occurs to me that flash usually (I think, at least) doesn’t draw from system fonts but draws its own. I’ve got a few weird font issues with my system fonts so I was just wondering. Thanks,

  38. Mr.L

    I’ve been following your project for some time, I think it’s great, specially the OfflineSync feature.
    It would be great to also have OTA SyncML for mobile phones, are you planning to include this?
    PS: I’m still waiting to try the beta 😉

  39. Dennis Pater

    I actaly can’t believe this is still in beta.
    How come. I thought this would only take 6 weeks.
    Anyway I hope it is worth waiting. (probably it is)

    Let me hear if something changed again.

  40. Russ

    Hey, I think I’ll comment on this! Even though there’s no point, since what can I say about updates regarding a program I’m not using, but apparently have to comment on in order to use…

  41. 2sm

    I’m looking forward to using paper-sync.
    I trip a lot and taking out the schedule with paper could be a great help!
    Could anyone tell me which languages are supported? Only english?

    # I’ve been waiting for an invite since October.

  42. Kunal

    Can’t wait for this awesome app!
    I’ve tried many different calendar/organizing apps for a while now, and I think that this might be the final one.

  43. J

    Dear iscrybe people: I noticed on your blog that you seem far behind, which usually indicates poor time management and planning. I suggest you consider using an online calendar application, such as Google Calendar, to better manage your time and plan ahead more effectively.

  44. Hi !

    I’m waiting for the beta for 4 months. When will I be able to test Scrybe ? Are you already sending invitations ? Txs

  45. RPR

    I’m getting a problem with setting the Los Angeles time zone – my computer (windows xp) is set to Pacific time with daylight savings (GMT -8), but setting scrybe to Los Angeles (which says GMT -7) gives me a repeated pop up to check my time zone settings. Also, I imported an ical calendar from Google, and it imported as 1 hour later than it was in Google.

  46. Dennis Pater

    March 22nd, 2007 at 5:19 am

    Dear iscrybe people: I noticed on your blog that you seem far behind, which usually indicates poor time management and planning. I suggest you consider using an online calendar application, such as Google Calendar, to better manage your time and plan ahead more effectively.

    They make a calendar application and they need to use a different one :S lol

  47. RPR

    Related to my comment on time zones – on my work computer, things are fine (even though it would appear all the settings are the same), so it must be some oddity with my laptop configuration.

  48. AnferTuto

    Hola faretaste

  49. I am so looking forward to trying Scrybe out. I have been on the maillist for moths and its killing me! 🙂

    From what i have seen, it will be the best computer thing that has ever happened to me.
    Keep up the good work!

    Jakkin Wiss

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