Scrybe named Cool Vendor by Gartner

We are very pleased to announce that Scrybe was included as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in their Cool Vendors in PC Technologies, 2007 research.


Other updates…


Some more invitations were rolled out today and a couple thousand more will be rolled out with the next build update in a few days. The new update will have a solution for one of the known issues as well as some reported bug fixes.





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68 responses to “Scrybe named Cool Vendor by Gartner

  1. tal

    ive got my invitation and i was thrilled, but it turns out scrybe doesnt support other languages then English or special characters so for now i cant actually use scrybe
    please fix it quickly

  2. Jen

    Congrats on the “Cool Vendor”!

    I can’t wait to give it a try – I’m in a frenzy just from reading about it… Someday my invite will come!

  3. can’t wait for the next build to see what updates are present

  4. Scrybe looks awesome, cant wait for my invite to come… especially with the update coming!

  5. Jason

    Congratulations on the naming!

    I think this program ( web app? ) looks awesome and love the feature that you can print your own info out.

    Looks really well designed!

  6. Coterie

    Congratulations! Anticipation continues to grow… still keeping my eye open for an invitation!

  7. matt

    Got my invite! Thanks!

    Is there a way to change the first day of the week? I’d like the calendar to use Sunday as the first day (currently using Monday), but I didn’t see it anywhere in the options or the help section.

  8. Joseph

    great news! – but how many people are waiting compared to the number of invites that are being sent out??

  9. Brad


    Got my invite yesterday! WOOHOO

    Many thanks folks – looking good.

  10. JD

    Great more hype for your service but yet I haven’t had a chance to use it. I’ve submitted a request for beta months ago and still I come to your site and see more delays. Thats the issue with web 2.0 companies they build a lot of hype while only a few can benefit from the actual service. Its been so long that people that were interested in your service have to find alternatives to fill the gap. I’ve seen many companies boast about what they are about to offer only to go belly-up a few months later. Give us a taste already!

  11. KK

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the invite. Trialing with gusto at the moment! Phase 3 will define this web app for me.
    The flash interface is very smooth. It would be nice to be able to resize the List section to make it bigger.
    Good job so far! I’m so sick of other GTD software at this point, I feel like this ones a winner due to its interface.

  12. KK

    PS: Please enable Outlook sync as soon as possible. 2 way syncing would be ideal. Don’t know how realistic that is though?
    I ,like I’m sure many others, use Outlook to sync with smartphones, pdas etc so it would really keep all facets covered and in sync. Cheers.
    Being able to update Scrybe from say a Symbian phone on the road, i.e once you sync your phone to Outlook and it is then in turn synced to Scrybe would be great!

  13. dysalot

    It would be nice if the posts were automatically sent out to the email addresses that have applied for beta. It would make people remember this site, and also show that you have not forgotten, You have talked about keeping everybody informed, and have done well on this blog, but many people do not know about, and forget about the blog and this site.

  14. Tealc

    Everybody who is interested in new news can use the rss-feed 🙂

    I am really looking forward to my invitation. Hope that I will get it soon 🙂

  15. testerooni

    I’d like to see if you guys are thinking about syncing to an open source product like Thunderbird?

    Also, send my invite so I can check this thing out already! (it’s been 6 months!)

  16. Fortunate enough to receive an invitation a few months ago, I’ve been able to give Scrybe a fair test run. Without a doubt, Scrybe is the best calendaring/productivity system that I have used. The papersync has proven to be a vital component of my day to day work routine.

    I fear though, that the papersync feature can be easily implemented in other systems such as Google Calendar and 30boxes. In order for Scrybe to be a strong competitor, its pace of innovation must be very fast.

    With that said, please take into consideration the following feature recommendations =P:
    1. digital paper mobile sync (this would be just badass)
    2. integration with netvibes, pageflakes, and other web desktops
    3. integrate an rss reader with as much care and attention to detail as you put into the calendaring (if you do this right, you will win!)
    4. make the lists a little bit more user friendly
    5. focus on GTD methodologies and implementations…kinkless functionality please!!


  17. ciruliz

    Yea, really, it is hard to believe, that you have rolled out so many thousands of invitations; Since I haven`t got my invite, yet and I subscribed quite long time ago – there should be SO MANY more people before I heard about Scrybe for first time. If thats true – this will be internet revolution 😉
    And since I come from one of those countries with different character set, I also wanted to point out multilanguage (or at least input) feature. And, if neccessary, I am ready to make language file for Scrybe in my language. (I haven`t even seen it, but already want to localize :))) Anyway – good luck, guys. It is not often these days, when sombody makes business with real value, not only money-making by stock trading.

  18. AreJay

    Well deserved, I’m sure there are many rewards for Scribe to come in the near and not to distant future!



  19. Andrew

    This is really good news for you and great press. The word is even getting out into European corporates.

    Thoroughly deserved for an ambitious and well executed vision.

    Well done.

  20. Michael

    i hope my invitation finally comes through in this round!

  21. Steve H

    I applied for Scrybe and commented on this blog back in November and still haven’t received an invite.

  22. Graeme Lowry

    I’ve applied for an invite and can’t wait to start using scribe — It looks perfect for someone who bounces between corporate media work and freelance.

  23. goat boy

    congrats on the award, looking forward to an invite!

  24. I’ve visited Scrybe many, many times since reading about it and applying for the beta back in October ’06.

    Maybe if I comment here, my name might be in the next subscription offer. Here’s hoping.


  25. Keep it up guys. Still waiting for my invitation so I can start using this tool.

  26. JMP

    Just wanted to say thanks for the invite. This is a great product. It is a privilege to assist you in improving it.

  27. canis major

    is this the only online collaboration app with offline sync?

  28. davide

    I find myself where I suspect a large number of your other “yet to be invited beta-subscribers” find themselves… impatiently but quietly anticipating not only the beta invitation but also the launch of Scrybe.

    While I do understand some of the critical comments you guys have (previously) received regarding communication and how that may (potentially) impact buzz surrounding the product, I have found it frustrating to read how some contributors have tried to guilt you towards an outcome they want.

    To be fair, this isn’t unique to your company/product and while I, like many others here, am an “early adopter” (ie, amongst other things, I do sign up to quite a few betas), I am, however, more than prepared to pay for services.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the free services. I used Gmail (and other GApps) for over 12 months before moving to GAFYD. Same goes for Picasa… the benefits are easily worth the price!

    So, as much as I hope the product will be out sooner rather than later, just do it well & deliver the benefits you have described.


  29. I made a rather long comment regarding the roll out of Scrybe on Andrew Watson’s “Changing Way” blog. It is a blog where Andrew weighs in on the ways in which the web and the world are changing. He has made several blogs regarding Scrybe and I responded to his blog entry from March 22 titled “Scrybe, the Cool Stumbler”.

    I added the link here for those who might be interested in our comments regarding Scrybe’s beta roll out.


    The link again is:


  30. It looks as though the link in David’s comment got cut off. Said link is:

  31. G. Bala subrahmanyeswara rao

    Just wanted to say thanks for the invite. This is a great product. It is a privilege to assist you in improving it.

  32. R Tse

    Congratulations on the wonderful product. It is very well thought out. Would love to have an invite to try it out.

  33. I just saw your video, the product looks amazing. I’d love to beta test it if poss.

  34. Brian

    I think the paper sync is such an ingenious idea because it seems so obvious yet noone else has done it yet.

    Great video. I can’t wait to try this out.

  35. Dieter

    This looks like a pretty cool app… Can’t wait to try it myself…

  36. Wow, you guys already have a big big buzz around Scrybe… now you’re a Cool Vendor too!
    There must be something there that everybody keeps talking about it! : )

    Good luck and I will too be waiting to use Scrybe soon.

  37. Aaronde

    I have been checking your blog regularly and would like to know how I can receive an invite. I have been waiting eagerly for the release. This product is much needed.

  38. Hi, I’ve just see the video and it’s great! I’m anxious to try it!

  39. Jim

    Looking forward to hopefully getting an invite. I signed up way back when the first video was made public…this has been the longest I’ve ever waited to try out a new product! Hope it’s as good as that video was,…

  40. Bruce Giovando

    just watched the video another time and it reminded me of how much im looking forward to getting an invite. I registered not too long ago so i don’t really expect to get one soon, although my fingers are crossed.

  41. brandon

    On the site, you know that “bookmarklet” and “details” replace each other in the menu, right?

    Also, if there were a paypal link, I’d donate a few bucks to help (not expecting anything in return).

    Lets keep those invites comin!

  42. Greg

    Very interesting solution; easily a culture change (vs. just a basic technology change/improvement). Found it while going through Gartner and it was a pleasant surprise to visit the site. Great work on the YouTube video to help explain the solution in details.

  43. daizy

    Please send me an invite.

  44. Well done on the cool vendor – wonder how often that happens to people that are still in beta! I think you guys’ll do great – you really seem to be putting some serious care into it.

  45. Ellsworth

    That’s a big accomplishment, congrats.

  46. Ron

    My calendar events aren’t loading! A bunch of other people are having the same problem. We’ve posted our issues in the forum. Please help. This is a massive problem!

  47. Ken

    Congrats on the Cool Vendor award. Looking forward to giving it a try myself.

  48. Tolga Yaprak

    How will I be able to preview Scrybe? I already signed up but did not hear from the Scrybe folks for a while. Let me know how I can speed up the process. Regards,

    Tolga Yaprak

  49. Vignesh

    The interface shown in the video is amazing. I was looking for one such interface where I get to see all my data without getting lost in it. I have my fingers crossed to see a beta invite.

    Keep rocking.

  50. Martin

    It seems that the developers are too engrossed in congratulating themselves to respond to a major problem. I realize this is still in beta but some response to all the complaints today about losing data should have been given by now. One more example of not keeping the customer in mind.

  51. michaelwh

    It’s a beta, so you aren’t really customers are you…

  52. Simon

    prospective customers, just as important.

  53. I must have been living in a cave because I had not heard of Scrybe until today. If it lives up to the video then you have a killer app on your hands.

    I LOVE the sync-to-paper feature. I’ve been hoping for such a feature in Outlook or Google calendar… looks like you have it nailed.

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  55. This should not still be the most recent blog entry. You really should have a post explaining the recent server problem. Those who came here wondering why their calendars were blank probably didn’t find the news that Gartner finds Scrybe cool to be very encouraging. More at:

  56. Simon

    Leopards don’t change their spots Andrew. The Scrybe ‘team’s lack of communication is nothing new.

  57. Allan

    Looking forward to a nice surprise soon.

  58. Congratulations!

    (still waiting for that invite…)

  59. Congratulations! Great work as I see in that list of awards. Continue to work in such way.

    Hope I will have an ability to try Scrybe…

  60. Johnny

    Good work, and I look forward to getting a chance to check out Scrybe myself soon!

  61. Quintin Lake

    This product does look superb, I continue to read only good reports from others who are amazed by the simplicity and innovation. Looking forward to an invite to join the Beta test – can’t wait to see it.

  62. Cathy

    Cool vendor?? I would have thought you would have to vend something to be called a vendor, cool or otherwise.

    Those of us still waiting might even disagree with “cool inviter”.

  63. Colly

    Seriously. launch the thing.

  64. Congratz guys~!

    Although i haven’t been commenting, i’ve been patiently waiting to get an invite…haha

    When’s the next round of invites coming?

  65. Faizan! i still didnt get my invitation. Can you please send me one, i am dying to see this cool app.

  66. quir

    Just saw the youtube video, looks amazing. Can’t wait to see and test it live!

  67. can’t wait to try this app! i hope phase 3 begins soon and you send some other invitations to all of us! 🙂

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