We had an unexpected problem with one of our servers yesterday and it resulted in missing calendar entries in some user accounts. The problem is fixed now and everything is back up and running.   

I was unable to communicate this right away as I was traveling for a business meeting. The delay in communication was primarily unfortunate timing. Once I was off the plane and back on my seat we were able to troubleshoot the problem within a couple of hours.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience some of you faced and also for the suspense and wait you went through.




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30 responses to “Servers…

  1. Ron

    Thank you for communicating this to us. Please be aware though that even after the restore, the last two days of calendar entries are missing. Are these gone for good? Thank you.

  2. Simon

    When Scrybe comes out of beta, can we expect a quicker response time on a fix?

  3. Great save, guys. What about having a feature to save off for users? There might be an export feature already – but something that can be scheduled once a week or something to the user’s harddrive?

  4. I am very excited to use this service, even though it is still experiencing beta issues.

  5. Sabika,
    It sounds as though you got on to the problem almost as soon as you got off the plane, and I appreciate that. But you’re not the only person working on Scrybe, and people losing their calendar entries seems severe enough to have someone else step in and keep users informed – even if it would have taken them away from other work.

  6. Ron: You may have lost entries, that were entered on late 26th and 27th permanently.

    Simon: We are going to try our best for a quicker response.

    Rick: Correct, we will have both import and export options in Phase 3. We also have a couple of requests on the forum, regarding notes backup etc. which we will evaluate once we complete the beta.

    Andrew: You are absolutely right… but we were not expecting for this to happen, and as I said earlier, it was just unfortunate timing.

  7. Simon

    “but we were not prepared for this to happen”

    Excuse my cynacism, but this kind of thing happens all the time in software, especially with betas, surely you factor contingencies into your plans for Scrybe world domination? Otherwise that’s just downright crazy talk….

  8. Ria

    @ Simon
    Restoring backup means having backups i.e. contingency plan.

  9. Simon

    Ria: 2 day old backup, 24 hr fix = contingency plan?

  10. i’m going with simon on this one. this type of thing does happen and being prepared for it is the only way to avoid any mishaps.

  11. KK

    lost a whole lot of data I’m afraid.
    This is the price you pay for beta obviously, but a RAID 1 or RAID 0+1 setup would surely have prevented this, no?
    Keep up the good work.. an alpha stage error occured but it ain’t the end of the world…
    bring phase 3 online (at least backups) so users have piece of mind about their data.

  12. John Rylander

    This looks like a fascinating product. Great video, as you know, but I hope it handles both random and structured info well–including the transition between them. (Nice outlining and wiki/internal linking are quite important to many; it’s odd that software usually does a poor job of each. [OneNote at least makes a serious effort, but its outline formatting is a bit strange and very hard to change.])

  13. Jake

    I cant wait until this kind of thing will effect me 🙂

  14. Dolbyzerr

    Still waiting invitation…

    I am waching your service for 5 month.

  15. Daniel

    I have also been waiting and it just seems so cool! I have been using calendars and things all the time and none of them seem to get around the jumble in my head, none of them has proven useful. Remember the milk is looking like the first one to do it for me, but scrybe seems a but more far stretched than that. I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  16. I’ve also been patiently awaiting an invitation to join this beta program, checking back approximately twice a week for updates. For those of us who have been on the waiting list and have not been supplied an invitation to join, I’d be curious to find out when your original request was submitted? I believe that I originally submitted my request back in October / November of last year.

  17. Andrew

    I had have just sign and already drooling @ using this, but after reading the last post, I’m sadded to think that I might have to wait a year..agahgahga
    can’t wait

  18. Looking forward to an invite. I submitted my request well over 6 months ago.

    It seems leaving a comment might help. So here it is!

    Any further news of timescales?

  19. Am also excited about getting an invite (hopefully sometime soon 🙂 )
    I just haven’t found any alternative to scrybe that seems to fulfill my expectations…
    Waiting for the invite 😛

  20. Pedro

    As you said in your previous post, you are going to send new invitations soon, is that true? I´m waiting for a long long time to get one, scrybe looks great but the developing should be quicker.


  21. Adam

    check your spam folders – thats where mine was.

  22. Karim

    Very excited to use the program despite it’s occasional flaws, still awaiting an invite.

  23. I’ll send the scrype dev. team flowers and wine if I’ll get affected by such travasties anytime soon! Well… guess that’s just me (wink-wink) 😉

  24. I think that a fluid sync with MS Outlook will be paramount going into the future. MS Office is so deeply embedded in the corporate world, users must be able to use scrybe and easily interact with their MS Office coworkers, not have to choose one or the other. I would love to get my hands dirty with a copy, please send one soon!

  25. Chris

    The demo was very impressive. It’s refreshing to see a company tackle an issue that really frustrates people. You guys are definitely on the right track….any thoughts on how this may tie into mobile devices down the road? (I’m guessing the syncing may refer to wireless syncing or offline syncing.)

    Keep it up!

  26. Quique

    After waiting for more than 6 months, I have my life organized in Google Calendar.
    Scrybe seems kinda “cooler” but I’m fed up of waiting.
    I’ve been visiting this site every week for 6 months. But enough is enough.
    You guys of Scrybe are a f******* mess.
    I’m afraid that Scrybe is going to open too late.
    If you keep on delaying your product, one of these days Google Calendar, 30 boxes or anybody else will launch updates-features like Scrybe (next Firefox 3 will work offline with several services).
    And that day my friends, I hope you have A LOT of happy users because if not…

    I’m afraid it’s already too late for you guys. Internet goes very fast… and you don’t.
    I wish you luck. You’ll need it.

  27. @Quique:

    I agree with you on everything. There has not been a blog update in a while now and even though they said they would post regularly, it seems like they’re going back to their old routine of keeping the public uninformed. What a shame. If the product becomes successful then congrats, but if not, then all I have to say is you should have listened to what could have been your potential users.

  28. Simon

    Feb 15th 2007 (2 Months ago):

    “We have not been as timely as we would have liked in the last few weeks on build updates and on our user forum. Our mistake was not being as candid with you as we should have and by not providing as much visibility as we always had envisioned for our users. That changes today, and I as I said earlier, we are trying our best to actively use this blog for updating you on developments and milestones as we reach them.”

    Well that didn’t last long…

    Last Update March 22nd (Crawling Toward a Month ago):

    “Some more invitations were rolled out today and a couple thousand more will be rolled out with the next build update in a few days. The new update will have a solution for one of the known issues as well as some reported bug fixes.”

    The Scrybe team never ceases to amaze me with new and colourful ways to piss off their user base. If you say “a few days”, people will be tolerant if a few days turns into a week, or two (we’re now over three) but consistently broken promises can enrage the masses like nothing else. It’s just plain crazy if you ask me that a company would go so out of their way to deliberately alienate their user base and destroy their trust.

  29. Frances

    I stumbled across the Scrybe website while trying to figure out how to solve a problem in Google Calendar. The video looks awesome though I hope you can deliver on your promises.

  30. Agree

    I agree with you 100%. Scrybe and its team is a joke. October 2006??? We are in April 2007. I want real feature updates or FIXES (The calendar is not close to perfect yet! You can’t put notes in tasks for example, schedule specific times, or share any information). I think it is fair to assume that the iScrybe team has moved to other projects. Oh well. Good bye Scrybe.

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