Hi all,

  • A new batch of invitations will be rolled out on Monday.
  • A new build update will be rolled out next week.
  • A few days following the build update, another batch of invitations will be rolled out which will be the biggest batch of invitations that we have rolled out so far.




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56 responses to “Upcoming…

  1. Casey Ontiveros

    I hope I’m part of the new roll out. I’ve been dying to tryout this program for a few months now.

  2. Corey

    I can’t wait!

  3. Omega1989

    Fingers crossed I’m in the next batch… Been waiting about 6 months now.

  4. Mary

    Hi there. I have requested an invitation since October and haven’t received one yet. I check this blog regularly and have waited for months!!! When will I get my invitation?

  5. bram

    Invitation for Bram, inshallah.

  6. Chrigu

    I can’t wait too…

  7. Greg

    Two invites in a week? Maybe this will be it. . .

  8. Sharon

    Oooo exciting. Can’t wait to get an invitation!

  9. I’ve been holding out on using anything else for months. I would love a chance to try out Scrybe. It looks great from the previews.

  10. just wondering since when are you guys waiting? I’ve been waiting since october or november, and so far no news.

    I totally understand iScrybe’s approach of slow launch, but 6 months still a LOT of time.

    am I the only one waiting since october? should I subscribe again, maybe with a differnet email to increase chances to receive a beta invitation? πŸ™‚


  11. I just watched the video – Looking really amazing !

    I think that this product is trying to address the biggest problem for myself and that is although in an ideal world all your to-do’s and tasks and appointments should be captured immediately online when you are offline you use paper and then you need to manually capture it yourself.

    It seems to provide good paper – web and web – paper and other formats.

    I’d like to see more development go into FireFox plugins, Thunderbird plugins, maybe some J2ME applets for mobile phones or PDA’s for synchronisation.

    All of these extra “convenience” features are more time and development energy to accomondate minoritys of users at a time.

    How is this project funded? When can we expect beta to finish? Do we have any ideas about pricing?

  12. don’t expect much guys, i mean if you look at the way this whole project has been running and the way the scrybe team has been treating its users, you should know that this, like the other updates, will be disappointing. the best of luck to them though, they will need it to impress.

  13. Agree

    Ivan – I agree. I’d suggest the Scrybe team (if they actually exist) that instead of sending more invitations they should actually fix some bugs and release stage 3. What are you waiting for!!!! You are loosing your fans. Too bad.

    Good bye.

  14. I don’t know by the ‘bad treatment’ part u guys are referring to. If you mean the waiting thing I think it’s inevitable, particularly as debugging can be a long and tiresome process.

    It would nonetheless finally be great to be amongst the enrollers to participate in the project… fingers crossed!

  15. Timo Jeppesen


    Why did I not find this faster?
    Lately I have been looking for a calendar that fits my needs. And I have been looking all over of this. But nothing looks as promissing as this.
    I have even tried to programe something my self, but it is a big task to make something that is close to what you normaly need, but this just sounds like it has it all.

    I work with finding bug in systems, and if you need a profesional beta tester, then I am willing to help (for free). And I do not know if you are planing to translate the service, but I am able to translate the language to Danish.

    hmm… I hope this gives me a shoot at trying the system, even if I was late at signing up for the beta list.

    Best regards, and good luck to everyone on the list, I hope you all will get an account soon. I have my fingers crossed for everyone.
    Timo Jeppesen

  16. Dolbyzerr

    Send me invite! pleeeeese!

    I want to test it alredy! I want make posts about it in russia!

  17. Sounds great! Keep good work!

  18. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while too… I’d really like to test this out and see how it works for PR people.

  19. Scott

    Any ideas when you’ll reach the release phase. Seems to have great potential, look forward to giving it a good test and seeing if it will meet our needs.

  20. Thomas

    I always find it interesting that people bash (promising) products made by others based on the fact that said product was not delivered NOW for ME how *I* want it…

    Ever think maybe the people working on this might actually be doing the best they can with a product they want to be as good as they can make it? “Failure” to deliver asap miiight just be due to them working on it, and not, as some seem to think, laziness πŸ˜‰

    Me, I’m looking forward to it, hoping it’ll deliver on the promising things I see in the vid, but I don’t expect (or demand) it for any particular date… they’ll release when they can, and unless something else has come along before then, I’ll check it out. Pretty simple, really.

    All the best to the iScrybes (although I have to say, guys – the “i-” thing is pretty overused…).

  21. Abey

    Me too! I’d like to get on this test wagon too! πŸ™‚

  22. @Thomas:

    i’ve been a beta tester since january, and i “bashed” the product. the reason i “bashed” it is because of poor communication. not because:

    “based on the fact that said product was not delivered NOW for ME how *I* want it…”,

    as you put it.

    anyhow, the team should really get themselves together and improve their poor efforts to communicate to their future user base.

  23. Simon


    Been a beta tester since November. Scrybe’s communication has been consistently poor. In the past 6 months there has been very limited communication regarding the status of Scrybe, and with the exception of thoughtpad, there have only been minor upgrades.

    I suspect that Scrybe are pouring all of their effort into the sharing features of the calendar which I also assume are being written pretty much from scratch for it to take this long. This of course begs the question – why release a product in “beta” with a big fan fair, when you’ve only developed 1/3 of your product……

    For those individuals that have only recently stumbled on Scrybe, you haven’t endured the endless frustration of broken promises and bad communication from the Scrybe team (though I use that word loosely as Sabika only ever monitors the forums/blog).

    Scrybe still remains a good product, there is no dispute there. I use Scrybe every day, and it’s fantastic, but that just makes it even more frustrating that very little progress is visibly made.

  24. I hope to be included in this beta, because I want to evaluate some of the technical and UI decisions, but my interest is waning on a personal level as I seem to find that with any organization tool I spend more time using it, than Getting Things Done. Even supposed GTD applications.

    – Davey

  25. Mark Gamis

    I’ve been waiting for my invite… hope i’m part of the next batch of invites.

  26. humpie

    Well, I cant wait to test! And true, it takes very long but I know what kind of problems softwaredevelopment can cause..I just hope that the product had the functions that I need and if that means that I have to wait for a shared version or trail, then that will be. I mean if all of us really needs this product than a little patience for a very good product is not so much. Iscribe team should have communicate better in thje past but are doing that now. Well from the Netherlands: keep up the good work!

  27. Lowell Denning

    Have had a bunch of clients waiting for my analysis of this site for many months. Would be nice to get an invite this time.

  28. Ken Dominguez

    …we want Scrybe…we want Scrybe…

  29. tammy

    please pick me for an invitation to scrybe. i really really need this product.

  30. Daniel

    Wow, I can’t wait, keeping my fingers crossed this week πŸ™‚ Those of you whining, please stop, I don’t think they’re picking out people and not sending them invites. I’ve been waiting since December too.

  31. Hope I’ll get an invite this time πŸ™‚

  32. Arya

    Pls send me an invite too. Can’t wait to get organized!

  33. Bruce Giovando

    just got my invitation! very excited.. gonna go play around with it for a few hours! thanks scrybe team!

  34. Warren

    ok, maybe I spoke too soon on an earlier post, but still it’s April 16th and I don’t have an invite:) I don’t even know which one of my email accounts I signed up with waaay back when…but I put in my most frequently used (gmail) this time so hopefully Sabika will feel sorry for me and throw me a bone. To be honest it’s possible I received an invite at some point in the past and it went into junk mail…hopefully it won’t this time! (pretty please with sugar on top??)

  35. An invite would be awesome, I would really appreciate it.

  36. finally i’m in!!!!!!!

  37. Jean

    Knock knock! Let me in! Let me in!

  38. JD

    Hopefully I will get an invite this round;so far everyone that I have told about the service has recieved an invite but me.

  39. Torben

    I’ve also been waiting patiently since October so I hope to get an invite this time. From what I’ve seen it is worth the wait but half a year is close to the limit for how long you can wait before looking for alternatives.

  40. Pamela

    Very good news about invitations being rolled out. I can’t wait to try out the program. It looks fantastic! Fingers crossed…

  41. DinkLock

    . . . . . . . . . .

  42. Mander

    I just came across this today, and it looks totally cool. Disappointing to find so many upset people about communications and so on, but I’ll just hope that one of these days it’s actually available…even to buy!

  43. DavidR

    Here’s hoping…

  44. DAR

    Yeah, me too..

  45. Offline goodness! This is what everyone needs without knowing it.


  46. Neb

    yeah it does look fantastic but since beginning the wait for an invite back in october i’ve happily settled with google… be nice to see ‘papersync’ in action tho.

  47. Brian

    Been waiting since Oct…hopefully I will see and invite this week πŸ™‚

  48. BrianP

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me an invite (so I can recommend our company leave MeetingMaker!)

  49. and_y

    Can’t wait. Hope i’m on invite list – been waiting since October 2006!

  50. RichK

    looking forward to testing this out! been through a lot of GTD web-apps, and this seems like the most streamlined…

  51. Holly

    Would love an invite. Just what I’ve been looking for…I think. Does it let you save to a USB drive for portability?

  52. Please, please, please send me one …. i’ve been waiting so patiently

  53. Tom

    I feel stupid posting a message just saying “pick me! pick me!” But with all the rumours of forum / blog activity being a criteria for selection, I guess I will bite the bullet and post a “PLEASE” message. πŸ™‚ I have been checking the blog and forum on a very regular basis since registering back in October 2006, there just didn’t seem much point posting about a product I have never been able to use.

  54. Marisa

    I’m interested in finding out how Scrybe could be used in a collaborative way. Is it possible to share a space with a group of people. How does Scrybe handle concurrent updates by multiple people? Can’t wait to try it out!

  55. Hey, I am here too πŸ™‚

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