A few thousand invitations were rolled out on Monday April 16, 2007.


A new build has been uploaded with the following updates:

  • The login process for frequent users will be a lot quicker. As requested, Scrybe now remembers both your login and password and automatically signs you into the application.
  • You can now use ThoughtPad to collect and play your favorite YouTube videos.
    I have put up a help topic for this on the forum.
  • You can now save notes for your tasks as well as notes for your events.
  • Color indicator for Today has been improved for better contrast on LCD screens.
  • As requested by users with color printers, in PaperSync, events for colored labels will now be printed in color.

This build also includes a number of fixes for bugs reported on the forum. The details of these fixes are available on the forum. Some are listed below:

  • Reminder conflict message will not appear for all day repeating events.
  • Time zones error message will not appear in corrected time zones.
  • CTRL+V works on new events in Day and Week views in Firefox.
  • The Delete button on the Details panel now works for tasks also.
  • In the ThoughtPad, editing a note or creating a new note, does not restrict the user from signing out or shifting to the planner view.
  • Clicking “Get Latest Web clippings” will get all notes added in any label through bookmarklet instead of just updating the selected label.

We will start rolling out our largest batch of invitations so far on Tuesday.





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32 responses to “Update

  1. “Scrybe now remembers both your login and password and automatically signs you into the application.” Thank you for making our lives and Scrybes easier.
    Thank you also for providing another example of .

  2. Michael

    I have (like most) been waiting since signing up back in October of 2006. Any idea when i can expect an invite?

  3. kb

    I’ve been waiting for a long time, I hope that the next batch of invites is the one

  4. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  5. Feliks

    Well, I guess I’ll post one of these idiotic posts here just so that I can have at least some hope of receiving an invite (waiting since October, come on). It really pains me to do this because there really is nothing to talk about, since I can’t use the product. So here goes:

    oh please please PLEASE send me an invite ive been waiting since like October and i like really want get an account because it look oh so cool please invite please invite

  6. Ola

    Haha Feliks.. You’re not the only one 🙂

  7. Timo Jeppesen

    Today is the day for the large invite. I realy hope it will be a big one. I was writen up not to long ago, so my hopes for an invite may not be big. But I do hope that I would still get one. If anyone recive an invite they dont want, then please send it my way 😉

    Best of luck to everyone.
    Timo Jeppesen

  8. ffrancis

    ditto, Timo!

  9. Warren

    still no invite here either. not sure what’s keeping me from just forgetting Scrybe and moving on.. a little encouraged that they’ve given out more invites recently…but still none here. Seems odd that competitors haven’t seized the opportunity to provide similar offerings sooner.

  10. thom flora

    it does seem an odd way to gather Beta testers. kinda like a drive-by shooting into a crowd, hoping that one of them may be your ex-wife. oh, well….waiting with all the other cows.

  11. Sam

    Will IScrype be compatible with rememberthemilk.com, my current favourite to do list site?

  12. Google Calendar is becoming more and more of a pain to use. Have you guys noticed when your typing that it will jump off the bubble and you’ll lose everything you just wrote? Looking forward to Scrybe offline!!!!

  13. Marshall

    How about a invite to someone that has a chronic need for a effecient todo list? ( Me, me, me!)

  14. Feliks

    YES!!! My idiotic post above actually worked bitches!

  15. Anxious to join the club here too …. somebody wish me luck

  16. Carlisia

    Ohhh… cade^ o meu invite???!!

  17. Hmmmm. I hope the beta is going well enough to send an invite out to this disorganized soul 🙂

  18. Chris H

    I’ve also been waiting forever. I think I’m just about to give up and move on.

  19. What’s up with your company? You guys are taking forever to launch this thing. Are you complete perfectionists or is this just going to be the coolest web2.0+ app known to mankind? Just get this thing out there already before all the hype you created completely fizzles out.

  20. Steve

    Please send me an invitation. Been waiting since October and I would really like to try your software – it looks kick-ass. Thanks.

  21. Abdi Viklas

    It seems there are two words that need definition around here.
    1. “Buzz.” Buzz sells product. Buzz is, by definition, short-lived and hard to maintain. Scrybe had the capacity to be the hottest thing on the internet. Taking years to develop your product and not letting anybody use it does somewhat the opposite.
    2. “Blog.” The difference between a blog and a website is the expectation that a blog be updated fairly regularly. You know, with *communication.* If Scrybe is not, in fact, a hoax perpetrated by one guy making one glorious video followed by two-sentence statements every few months… then maybe you could prove it.

  22. Finally got my registration on tuesday and I really want to thank you guys. Its better than I could have imagined. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!

  23. Mark

    Wow what a demo. I’m just getting into GTD methodology and I am hoping that Scrybe will be my answer to the ultimate online GTD tool.

    Are there plans for syncing calanders with Outlook. Working in a corporate meetings, calander visability is key. It would be great to be able to easily export outlook calander into Scrybe.

    Hope the software comes out of Beta soon.

  24. Jens

    Hi there,

    After all those wonderful comments about how good and useful scrybe is, I am really looking forward to getting invited. I am waiting since last year and as it seems I was not included in the “big round” :-(…
    Is there any chance to get my hands on scrybe in the near future?
    The demo really impressed me, but this is now nearly half a year ago.

    PLEASE guys, send me an invitation at the next round!!!


  25. Brian

    Have been waiting for an invite since Nov. 2006. Hoping one will be in my inbox soon. Looks like it’s going to be a great product from all the stuff I’ve read on the website and from all the other folks waiting for invites.

  26. LP

    Looks like I got skipped in the latest round, I am heartbroken! I have been shuffling around the house in my bathrobe muttering and occasionally sobbing uncontrollably since I realized that I got skipped on Tuesday. I haven’t felt this way since Vista missed the first release date. Please send me an invite so I don’t jump off a bridge.

  27. Dan

    If this thing works as well as it seems I just might give up my Palm Pilot.

  28. Wynne

    The features sound fantastic, great work. I look forward eagerly to seeing this, and getting more productive.

  29. Matt

    How to remember the name of this product? I’ve now spent the past 1.5hours looking for this most amazing software through all the e-mails I mailed my friends months ago..forgot the name of this app…

    Maybe the best way for me to remember the name of this application is to send me an invite so I can start using it everyday and giving wonderful feedback. Thank you.

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