One of the most popular requests on our forum has been to allow users to choose a desired day as Start of Week. Today’s uploaded build includes this option. Now you can choose any day as Start of Week based on your regional preference. Sunday, Monday and Friday are tested more extensively.

Bookmarklet issues in Firefox have also been resolved for MAC users. The Update and Cancel buttons work. We are still investigating a couple of editing related bugs in ThoughtPad on Macs, which will be updated soon.

Some improvements have been made to the bookmarklet. Previously you could add a YouTube video by selecting a Thumbnail of the video. Now you can directly add the video that you are currently watching without selecting anything on the page. Simply click Scrybe Bookmarklet on your browser and the currently playing video will be added automatically.

Cell phone and email address history is now saved for the current session.

Apart from the above updates and fixes, this build also includes some fixes for internally reported bugs.

A few thousand invitations will be rolled out on Tuesday, May 01, 07




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51 responses to “Updates

  1. Tim

    I create todo lists just to stay busy. I need iscrybe!

    Please include me in the next invite rollout!

  2. David Gerbino

    Thanks team for fixing the calendar so we the users can select the first day of the week that works best for us. I also like the quick login feature from the last update.

    Keep those updates coming guys and I hope all the new users post bugs and feature enhancements on the forum. Scrybe does listen.

  3. Hi there,

    It is really the online productivity tool I am dying to try. It would be great if you could allow the users to choose a desired day as start of the week.

    Please keep up the great project and do include the people in your next invite rollout who have signed up several months ago but could not get a chance to make comments here in the forum.



  4. glad to see some blog updates finally

  5. Scrybe looks like the internet application of the future for all productive people. Can’t wait for the next invitations to be sent out (in hopes that I will be included)!

    Thanks in advance,

    Daniel Goering

  6. Marshall

    I”m so eager to give this application a shot. The overall concept is fantastic. This app appears almost custom made for me.

    Please send me an invite before I drown in this maze of disorganized thoughts!

  7. On this *second* day of my week, thanks for including the option to have weeks start on Sunday!

  8. Dan Willis

    I’ve been fascinated with your program for some time. It seems to be the ultimate digital answer to the spiral notebook – with the ability to clip it’s own pictures.

    Very impressive.

    I realize you are playing it close to the vest, but do you have any idea when you’ll be rolling this tool out?

  9. Steve M

    Your application and Adobe Apollo appear to be ahead of the game with understanding the import of offline experience (including offline storage).

    I, for one, am constantly checking to see if I have a beta invitation based more on this than the YouTube video.

    One question in the meantime — will the capacity of LSO in Flash 8 be enough, or will there be an Adobe Apollo version of Scrybe as soon as possible? This is likely a question you have long ago discussed, but if you could use an outside view I would love to contribute.

    … upon further research, I noticed that TechCrunch has Scrybe down as one of the best Apollo demos. I assume this was a version of Scrybe developed in parallel with a Flash 8 version, thus answering the question of this commenter: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/02/28/best-apollo-demos/#comment-1299959

    Final note: I hope there’s a customer-branded way to use Scrybe (e.g. Google Apps); further, I hope there’s a small upgrade fee available from the free version to a bare-bones-branded version. One example of the small fee for customer-branding is the FreshBooks a-la-carte option for a custom package. If you dig there, you’ll see where one can go from the free version to an “unbranded emails” version for $10 a month.

  10. I do hope I will receive an invitation soon!

  11. pandem

    I’m going nuts trying to organize my calendar, agenda and all. Scrybe seems to be the perfect solution, please send me an invitation soon, otherwise I’ll end loosing my mind!

  12. Hello,

    This looks good, however, after having a look around and not finding many 3rd party user comments/reviews on this program – I’m skeptical over its existance.

    Would be great if you could include me on the next invitation ‘roll out’.

    Many Thanks,

    James Mulvany
    Igniso Limited

  13. @James Mulvany


    just cuz you think the program doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you’ll get an invite.

    i like your trickery though.
    good luck on your objective.

    the program does exist and it works like a charm.

  14. Stewart Whaley

    Looks like a great Ajax application. Good luck.

  15. Kay

    Hi there, the program looks great; have the invitations really been sent out on May 1st? No one has been talking about it on the forum.

  16. Tholo

    This application looks great. Is there a timetable for the rollouts? That is, when can someone who signs up today expect to be included? Days, weeks, months? Thanks!

  17. It’s the first time I’m posting a comment even though I signed up for a beta invitation in October 2006 (!!). That makes it six months. Tholo, be prepared to wait.

    I wonder if this program will EVER be released.

  18. Christopher

    Please include me in the next batch of invitations if possible. Thank you.

  19. Damijan

    I signed up for this beta ages ago (beginning of November 2006 I think). I don’t understand how your invites work. I’ve been catching up with the blog and seeing that you’re adding new users all the time now. Is it possible that you still haven’t gotten to anyone who signed up way back in October and November of ’06? …or are you just skipping all those in favor of people who post on this blog? I’d love to have a bit of clarification. I feel like I’ve been waiting very patiently. The program looks great from what little I’ve been able to see in the demos and I think it would greatly help me. I hope you’ll consider adding my name to the next invite list.

  20. Hans Kuijpers

    too bad… still no invitation.

  21. @ Ivan

    Great, so you say it exists – i’d love to see some screenshots etc – feel free to get in touch with me: james igniso com

  22. Tim


    I have to say that I was completely enamored with the video demo I watched several months ago and immediately signed up. I had no idea it would take so long to receive an invite and suspected that maybe I was overlooked so I signed up again with my other e-mail address. It has been so many months now that I have honestly been losing more interest as time goes by. I know there must be a good reason for not getting the invite by now but I thought you should know that your method might be backfiring in some sense for those of us who simply cannot wait 6 months or more to try this solution for ourselves. I was willing to pay just about any price for the product when I saw the video – I just wish I would have somehow had a chance to try the product for myself. I’ll keep checking every blog posting, but man does it get disheartening when it states things like “we’re doing our biggest invite rollout ever!” and to still be left behind after so many months.

    Sorry for the negative-sounding email, but I thought you might want my feedback. I hope it is valuable to you in some way.


  23. Zeta

    Hi there,

    I understand you’re giving your best to roll out this killer application, but meanwhile, you’re killing ME softly…
    It’s been eight months since I’ve first heard of Scrybe and instantly signed up for a beta tester account. What can I say? I hope your product is on the right way, but – no offense – your marketing campaign heads toward desastruous effects, as far as I am regarded. Life is short, people; and the markets can become very quickly, very tight. Wouldn’t that be a shame to alienate your potential customers even right before you start having them?!
    Good luck!

  24. Eric

    Quite frankly, I’m tired of waiting (8 months) I’ve found, and paid for, other solutions that I am moving forward with after holding off for two long. You’ve lost me, and I can only wonder what the motivation is to wait so long. Are you waiting for someone else to buy you out?

  25. Can I expect multi-language support soon?

  26. James

    I disagree with you about the most popular request in the forum being the starting day of the week. By far the most popular request in the forum is how to get into the beta program. I previously worked for a software company and am very familar with the smoke and mirrors that go into making a product demo look promising. However, if you are trying to wait until everything is working to release the product it will never be released. Look at how long Microsoft has been making changes to Windows, and it is far from working completely correct.

  27. Christian


    I just received my invitation today, so I am pretty sure, the product exists.
    Funnily, though, the invitation e-mail talks about beta phase 1. Haven’t you guys already entered phase 2? Maybe it is just a mistakenly old e-mail. Thank you anyway so much for finally getting the invite out to me, I really appreciate it, I have been waiting and expecting for almost 6 months now and I can’t wait to test it.

  28. SJ Pillai

    I currently use the calendar feature of Thunderbird and was looking for a better one and that’s when I stumbled on an article about web’s best calendars in wired.

    Very impressed with the youtube video and would like to try this. Instantly fell in love with what I saw on the vid.

    So waiting for an invite to try this out.

    Best of luck with your product and hopefully it’ll be a success.

  29. Mike


    I am really hoping to get an invite soon. I have been waiting patiently for some months now, not wanting to post a comment just to get an invite. Maybe this will get me one, maybe not. I think the product has great potential – I would like to use it with an eye towards recommending it to clients of mine. Maybe you can complete beta and move to a paid version? I would be more than happy to become a paid subscriber….

  30. Jacob

    The beta was supposed to go 6-12 weeks and has now gone more than 6 months. Personally, I’m done waiting. At least when Google (for example) has a beta product, people can actually use it. If my life hasn’t fallen apart with the free tools I’m using so far, I don’t suppose Scrybe is going to be worth the effort. If I get an invite (somehow doubtful) and I can pass it along to someone else, I’ll be more than happy to post a note.

  31. Adam

    I agree with all of the above comments regarding the laughable time it’s taken to open this to at least a public beta. I’ve also moved on–I needed a solution when I was searching for one, not a year later. I understand a short closed beta, but waiting more than 7 months on an invite is rediculous. The sheer frustration and annoyance that Scrybe has created in their future user base has caused more damage than they’ve gained from this beta. No matter how great it is, I’ll never use it.

  32. zenrain

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve commented on Scrybe, either in the blog postings or on the forum. The product came in with a bang, and had a well thought out Beta cycle and timeline.
    I’m not going to comment on the communication issues, that’s been beaten to death already.

    The timeline has been completely blown out of the water. There is no hint of the third stage of the Beta, and they are fixing things like adding direct imports of YouTube in the Thoughtpad!
    Why concentrate on that instead of fixing whatever is holding back stage 3? I dunno.

    Insead of acknowledging the magnitude of the delay, and that it’s pissing off all the hopefuls for the beta product, they’ve kept to the original closed beta plan. While I applaud them for sticking to their guns, when they couldn’t fulfill the date for getting the product out of beta (or even close), they should have revisited the closed beta thought. Instead Scrybe has completely alienated a large part of the audience they are relying on to make it a successful product.

    Quite frankly, I’ve gone back to using Backpack. The inability to add events that span multiple days and show up like a bar, instead of individual appointments in a day is a deal killer for me. For some reason, it makes the calendar a lot harder to read than I’d like.
    If Beta 3 rolls out at some point, I may venture back and test briefly. However, for now, I’m just not interested.

  33. Steveo

    Please add me to your beta tester list.

  34. anyone want a hug?

  35. Frode

    Sounds nice.. My comapny needs scrybe.
    Please include me in the next invite

  36. Axel

    Hi there, I just read again that you “intend to be out of beta in 6 to 12 weeks”, and the beta started on Oct ’06. What about that now? 🙂

    Anyways, I’d like an invitation, even if it’s not all shiny, I have seen enough to make me very curious.


  37. Looks great. The offline sync really makes this a real alternative existing offerings. Are there any plans in the future to have access and sync with mobile phones. Especially with growing 3G broadband access this would really be a boon especially if the calendar sync could also work on mobiles

  38. anyone up for some tea?

  39. zenrain

    I’d love some tea.

  40. Jason

    I love a good cuppa tea! And also any invites… please?

  41. Jeff

    love being able to zoom in on calendar…very slick.

  42. Simon

    I think Scrybe must be dead

  43. Caleb

    I signed up for the Scrybe beta back in October and have checked the website and forums every week or so to see how things where progressing. I still have no received an invite and wanted to know when the next batch of invites were going out and/or when the public beta will start? Any info would be appreciated.


  44. Patrice

    I can’t stand waiting accessing such a great tool !! Hope I will in a next invitation list…


  45. By the way – people who use Apple computers are Mac users. Not MAC (leave that for networking).

    Just thought I’d point that out as we are growing in number and terribly, terribly protective

    Loving you work – but won’t Google Gears eat your lunch?

  46. This is a killer app, can’t wait for it to be available to the public. May I have an invite, please?

  47. Patrick

    Can iScrybe be shared over the web – as can Google Calendar?

  48. Im wondering if someone can sends me a Scrybe invitation, I really want to try it, and i also need it

    Thanks, my email is reversible_82@hotmail.com

  49. dying for an invitation

    please include me on any rollouts

    or if you see this and are a user, feel free

    thanks in advance

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