Resolved: Servers lagging today…

Our providers have informed us that they are having some problems on their networks, so you might experience some lag in our service today. We will update you, as soon as we hear back from them.

Edit: This issue has been resolved @  11:30 AM GMT.




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56 responses to “Resolved: Servers lagging today…

  1. Eamonn Riordano

    Any idea when we are going to get our invites?

  2. Nick

    Sabika –

    I would love to be invited to test your product.

    I currently work at a university in Boston, MA and would appreciate an invitation to so I can beta test and demo the product to get everyone around here psyched.

  3. Frode

    Count me in… would also love an invite to beta test, I work for at a large real estate company, and this solution would be just what they need

  4. Rob


    Please send me an invite for the beta – I am a primary school headteacher in the UK currently using Google calendar, but getting frustrated by its limited features – poor papersync/printing options; non-existent sync capability with my smartphone/pda; slow data-entry speed; non-existent backup facility.

    Can Scrybe help???
    cheers, Rob

  5. Denae

    I was wondering how long do you think it will be before the final release will be available. I am very interested in using this program whether beta or final. I have beta tested for Microsoft and Desco and provide good, organized feedback. Regardless I have been seriously searching for a comprehensive oranganization solution for my busy multifaceted life. Short of writing my own program (time intensive), I have come up empty handed. This product seems to be the only thing that hits close; therefore, I am very interested in getting a copy, regardless of price.

  6. kmich

    Rumor in the forum is that replies in the blog are the fastest path to receiving an invite. I’ve long been looking forward to the chance to try Scrybe. Hopefully, this will help expedite things. Thanks for the time 🙂

  7. UnScrybe

    Having had access for about two months – I have to say that it was definitely NOT worth the wait. Not to mention the very visible delay in further releases. Something is up folks. Just my 2 cents – but where there is smoke…there is usually fire.

  8. Riaan

    About time I started nagging, I am also waiting more than 6 months now. Please send me an invite…

  9. @UnScrybe:

    i definitely agree with you on that. i’ve been using scrybe since the beginning of january and it’s nice to have around, but for the people who have been waiting impatiently for a long time, i would suggest looking for something else that you can actually use and not just wait and wish for. scrybe gets the job done just like any other app, the only difference is that it looks much nicer than some of the other stuff out there. so if you’re not into the eye candy then go find yourself another app because this is definitely not worth the wait that some of you have been experiencing.

    on another note the scrybe team lacks the ability to keep their users updated. to me it seems like they are very disorganized, which is ironic because they are putting out a product that is made to keep people organized.

    everything i’ve said is nothing that hasn’t been said before. enjoy.

  10. back to the old routine again sabika? no updates since the 14th..a bit too long in my opinion.

    looks like the hype has died out on this product..hopefully not all the way, because i really hope you guys pull something out of your bums and get it to the public asap. i would hate to see it go down like this. good luck.

  11. Ivan

    I do have some announcements but I am afraid they won’t be public for at least 2 more weeks. After these announcements, I hope to address your concerns more candidly.


  12. UnScrybe

    Ohhh…I cant wait…get real folks.

    Mark you calendars…10 bucks that two weeks come and go…

    What public announcement will it be? Anyone been part of the non-existent Phase III?

    Public announcement will be that they are going under…women and children first…move away from the ship….

  13. danke!

    at least now we know you’re still alive 🙂

  14. Bob

    I still believe that this product will make a great improvement in my organization…if only I could try it out.

  15. Simon

    I wonder… could a thousand monkeys with a type writer produce an update faster?

  16. kathy

    wondering if Scrybe will be akin to the new Google Gears just announced. Anxiously waiting for an invite since October.

  17. since there’s no updates i’ll just update you guys on my life..

    for the most part everything is going good. i’m almost done with school, well for this quarter anyway. the weather has taken a turn for the worse. last week it was 85 degrees average so i went swimming a bunch of times. check out my videos and you can see some cliff jumping action [link].
    finals are coming up and i’m behind in most of my classes but i will get everything done like always cuz i’m a procrastinator and i do well in those situations. i’m definitely looking forward to the 2 week break after i finish finals.

    i think thats about it for now. more updates will follow if sabika discontinues his updates 🙂

  18. the cognate

    Hmmm, no new news? I’m anxiously awaiting to see whether Scrybe takes another great leap forward (and, maybe I can use it when it finally gets released).

  19. For all those who cant wait….

    Check out, I love iscrybe and I wouldn’t go back but Hipcal Is almost the exact same thing(w/o papersync and offline). It has wonderful task management and calendaring features to tide you over in the mean time. Check it out, you wont be disappointed

  20. Larry

    For what looks like such a great product its really disappointing that there has been no update for almost a month and that the beta test requests seem to go into a black hole with even fewer updates.

  21. Lafton is pretty cool support stnx it is free and GOOOt

  22. UnScrybe

    Hate to say it…but I told you so….

    Still all quiet on the Scrybe front…what could they be doing?

    Best I can tell it takes maybe less than 2 minutes to make a post to either the blog or forum. Guess that is too much of a burden for them

    Come on Scrybe…wake up and realize you need to communicate. Good thing your not working on an email app. LOL

  23. Shaun

    Maybe you guys should do some thing productive instead of trolling around.. I’m sure the people behind scrybe are very busy – they have life’s you know.

  24. @shaun

    a quick post only takes like 30 seconds. if sabika could just say “we’re working on so and so and thanks for being patient” it would mean a lot more to people than the way it is now.

  25. Scott

    Hi scrybe folks. Can you send me an invitation?

    I tried and it doesn’t seem what scrybe promises to be. Honestly scrybe looks like it acts quicker and is a UI dream, although I wouldn’t know since I signed up to beta test scrybe back in 2006 and I still haven’t received an invite. Is it possible for Scrybe to send me an invitation?


  26. Miguel

    Signed in for a Beta invite in OCTOBER 2006. Still waiting… this is kind if a joke I start to think.

  27. Wayne

    Someone’s already bought iScrybe and the quiet time is to allow the financials to complete.

  28. Denae

    So I looked at bluetie and hipcal, anyone who thinks these are comparable to scrybe obviously just needs a place a store appointments and to-dos. In that case I recommend Microsoft Outlook (comes free on most computers). Its plain jane and so-so but hey if you have plenty of time to waste, enjoy! I need a program that thinks like I do, fluidly manages the large amounts of details and data I deal with daily, all without wasting what precious time I do have. I think I will wait for scrybe. I hope they finish the beta before I get an invite (since they seem slow in coming). Is there any way I can pay for a copy? Even a beta copy? I need this now, not 2010.

  29. John

    I received an invitation a few months ago, but I just found out that it was deleted by a family member who thought it was spam!!

    How can I get another invitation? When I enter my email in the invitation box, it just tells me that I’ve already on the list.

    Please let me know how I can get another invitation.


  30. the absence of life here hurts my feelings

  31. Simon

    I agree with Wayne, it makes sense that all the hype the Scrybe “team” created wasn’t to attract users necessarily, but to attract attention from potential buyers. All the self-promotion on the site and jetting off to locations for demo presentations reaffirms that fact. Reality is, Scrybe is a pretty looking one trick pony at the end of the day, which will be (and argueably has been) superceded in a short space of time. Reality? Like other calendar products, Scrybe’s revenue wasn’t likely to be that huge, but the value of a quick sale to the right bidder in a booming Web 2.0 market is going to make the quick bucks.

  32. Apix

    I have been watching scrybe and checkin my inbox daily for that beta invitation. But…

    No invitation has come! Damn

  33. Sabika said, “at least 2 more weeks” and, as of yesterday, it has been 3.

  34. So the Scrybe guys didn’t keep their promises…
    Big surprise.

    They are very busy finding someone to buy this startup.
    Too busy to keep their users happy.

    A sad story that should be taught in MBAs in the future… of what NOT TO DO, of course.

  35. Kevin

    I would love to try Scrybe, it seems to be awesome. It would really help me in my disorganized life. Thanks!

  36. J. Corrado

    This whole thing…iScrybe. This is really a hoax right?

    Either it’s a hoax or your imagination outstrips your skills to actually make it.

    How long is too long to wait? By the time it comes out there will be many that will out perform it’s feature set. Give Google a minute or two.

  37. Tom

    I’ve been on the waiting list for 8 months. Anymore accounts available? tb

  38. Charlie

    Does anyone know why Google hasn’t already incorporated the ‘work offline’ functionality into their apps (i.e. google calendar)? Could the iscrybe team perhaps be conducting discussions with Google to incorporate this technology?

    Makes sense to me, given the lack of updates provided by the development team!?!

  39. Simon

    Google wouldn’t touch this

  40. ciruliz


  41. ciruliz

    first of all, Google has created offline mode for Google Reader application, called Google Gears, which seems to be developed as a standalone solution. It is matter of time, when it will be integrated in other Google apps.

    second of all, I don`t feel safe anymore about using Scrybe – next morning it could be shut down to R.I.P. state without any warnings 🙂

  42. The video looks very exciting i am very excited to check the product out, its a startup so i guess we all have to waite patiently.

    Although there is rumour that there is no such application, its just a fake and as they say they will send an invite in April so its the biggest April Fool Joke ! tada !

  43. I too signed up for the beta version probably 10 months ago. I have since moved on.

    Don’t know what made me think of it this afternoon, but little has changed since I was last here.

    Reminds me of a story about a band that is all the rage because they are known for refusing to actually come on stage and play at their concerts. It becomes a big thing just to go to their shows and hang out in the hopes that they will actually come on a play that night. (They never do.)

  44. UnScrybe

    OK Sabika or whatever your name is…

    While there is clearly something going on…and we understand sharing details may be a “deal” breaker…you should still be able to support the current state of affairs here at Scrybe (which is in complete shambles – as I am sure you are aware).

    The patient (this pathetic app) is on the table…its up to you…do you stay behind the scenes and watch it die…or do you step up and at least plug in the life support machine. Heck even grabbing the clipboard off the exam room door would be a start!

    Your lack of engagement is pathetic and you should be ashamed on all fronts.

    Thankfully I dont have any data that I need to get out of your servers…but I think the other beta testers have been more than patient with all this – and deserve a response.

    Way to crap on everyone dude! I cant wait to see how you get out of this one…

  45. dolbyzerr

    How about multi-language support? I am russian and when I write in russian language and then logoff and login again averything that i wrote replaces with “????”

  46. Charlie

    This place is dead anyways!

  47. good to hear the server problem was resolved quickly, i know that can be a pain. would also like to see a blog entry on the current status of beta testing!

  48. Vagelis

    I need an invitation please.

    Just that.I subscribed to the mailing list but nothing.
    Th youtube video is great and promotes this new hype very well.

    Thank you.

  49. Axel

    Moved on, yes, indeed. I was totally hyped when I saw the video … I don’t remember HOW many MONTHS ago. I immediately signed up for beta.

    No response yet.

    So … well, I will probably stay with Google calendar now. For one simple reason: IT’S AVAILABLE.

    Once this one goes out of beta (or better: goes IN public beta) I probably won’t migrate my stuff any more, cause it seems this will take forever. I don’t believe that this thing is ever going to roll, sorry. It’s a shame, cause some concepts here are awesome. But unless you let some users in, it’s all … nothing.

  50. ciruliz

    actually, I started to use scrybe more and more frequently for last few weeks – i really enjoy it over google cals, lotus notes, outlook, etc.

    So I wanted to wish good luck to Scrybe team & I’m looking forward to hear ANY news soon 🙂 And please – if you are, for some reason, shutting down, please let us now asap. Thanks !! 🙂

    PS – just yes/no answer from Sabika would make us to feel better. Thanks again, andis.

  51. UnScrybe

    Nearly 2 months without an update.

    Scrybe and the team behind it is a joke. What kind of team, startup or not, doesn’t keep the community informed?

    Look at the hype the iPhone created. Does the iScrybe team think that the hype is fed by sitting still?

    Not that I care anymore, since I have since moved on to another REAL calendar application, but I’d still like to hear something from these guys.

    I’m starting to think this whole thing is a scam to collect email addresses.

  52. ciruliz

    no, this is not scam. some of us are already using Scrybe application & it is great. I just hope it is going up or at least staying @ same position as now.

  53. blueb0mb

    The October date which they still haven’t updated (guessing they’re going to leave it there for 07) has long since passed.
    In the meantime, the following items may not be everything scrybe demo’d that it would be but there are some interesting free things out there for a variety of uses.

    tiddlywiki for an interesting wiki-style web-based “micro-content wikiweb” it allows anyone to create personal self-contained hypertext documents that can be stored on your PC or posted on your website. Very unique, highly rated. even fun once you see how it works.

    also check out backpack at it’s a free online organizer. very easy to use and very flexible. share info, to-do lists, and research with whoever you want, or keep it private and be able to check your own to-do lists from anywhere.

    I’m not suggesting either of these is comparable to scrybe, but since it could still be years from being made available (based on the track record so far and their lack of concern for even updating their own web site 10 months later). Maybe these will offer some alternatives. tiddlywiki is open-source, so they’re probably open to suggestions and help if you’re capable. Backpack is very straight-forward and has a more advanced version for a fee.

    I’ll post more as I run across things that are useful while all the people sitting around wishing they could get a beta invitation will have something to do with their time… and other products to try that are actually available and useful (and free).

  54. Peter

    I know that invites have been slow coming out, but i’d really like to try.

  55. blueb0mb

    wow, no updates to the blog since may. what a surprise! These poor developers must have had no idea what they were doing when they put this product out there for feedback. Why make a promotional video and stick it out there for the world to see when the product is obviously a long way from being ready for the public?
    I’ve worked on software development teams, and can only say it’s a shame they didn’t know more people they could do testing with before sending it out for reviews and putting dates on releases without enough people working on it to get somewhere close to the release date (or at least having some flunky who could update the website with excuses about what the delay is).

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