Reboot Tomorrow

Some of the delays were beyond our control and not of an engineering nature. We will now be able to talk more about these in our upcoming posts. We have been facing some critical decisions and issues. Those who have been in similar situations probably understand the unpredictable and also the legal nature of  why we have not been able to talk about most of the stuff that has been happening. Thankfully the final outcome is something that we wanted and will allow us to pursue our long term vision of future offerings and solve some of the bottle necks we have been facing.




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6 responses to “Reboot Tomorrow

  1. moviegoer72

    Hi Sabika,
    This post is about what I was expecting and I figured there was a lot going on behind the scenes and that in fact the project was not dead as has been posted in the forum. I think its too bad though that Scrybe has not heeded many of the suggestions posted in the forum about how communication is handled. Why, for example, has there just been a void of communication for the last month or more? The issues you raise in this blog post are valid but do not preclude any communication at all. I have posted similar concerns in the forum too. I’m alright with Scryble having development issues.. be they software, hardware, business, legal, etc… in fact I rather expect them. But why can’t you just say that rather than saying nothing at all? In my opinion Scrybe still has a responsibility to communicate with its beta users even if that communication essentially says we can’t talk about certain things… at least acknowledge that you’re still there and that you are hearing and value your users concerns. Not to mention things like a basic update of the beta time line as posted on the Scrybe site… which still says the project will be out of beta in 6-12 weeks (now 10 months later and still not even in phase 3). The product and coming changes may be great but until the commitment to communication and user support are addressed, I’ll be keeping my options open.

  2. OREO

    Sabika, thank you for posting again. Perhaps there is still hope left for Scrybe. But don’t make the mistakes you’ve made again. LISTEN to your beta users.

  3. UnScrybe

    Way too little….Way too late…

    Unless we see significant activity in the next week (at MAX) – in terms of updates, plans, and information…

    Words mean nothing anymore….

  4. Peter

    Thanks for keeping us posted. A lot of us were starting to get worried about scrybe.

  5. Muddabir

    All posts making me confus weather to use it or not.:(

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