Scrybe Beta Phase 3

Here are a couple of screenshots of what’s coming your way in the last beta phase, starting this Monday, July 30, 2007.
You will be able to import your contacts from popular services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook). You will have a high degree of control to share any calendar, to-do list or thought stream with any of your contacts, individually. You will also be able to export your calendar data into iCal files. The issues reported around managing multiple calendars and assigning colors will also be addressed.
In the next few days we will be making some announcements on our corporate development side. Some of these critical developments have consumed most of our time and energy.

Calendar labels now available in a panel that slides out with more colors and management options.

Calendar labels now available in a panel that slides out with more colors and management options.

Sharing details are provided for each Calendar label. Similar sharing details are provided for Thought Streams and To-Do Lists.

Sharing details are provided for each Calendar label. Similar sharing details are provided for Thought Streams and To-Do Lists. 




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20 responses to “Scrybe Beta Phase 3

  1. Simon

    This is more like it.

  2. Sheero

    Wait…you guys are still alive?

  3. Mike


    Now that you are past the things you dealt with for the past couple of months, will you be sending out more beta invites at some point? I would still really like to try the product.


  4. Spiff

    I’ve been checking this site pretty well every day for the last several months but held back from making any comments, hoping Scrybe would resurface and continue to develop what appears to be a great application. I was really glad to see the announcement earlier this week that Scrybe was back in action. Any chance an invitation might be coming my way in the not too distanct future?

  5. Agreed. Any more invites coming out? I put my name in the hat in October of 2006….

  6. I am a freelance journalist who writes for a number of very big blogs. I have as of yet been unable to get an invite and really want to give the phase 3 Beta a try. Can you send me an invite please?


  7. hey, im a huge fan of scrybe and im looking forward to a possible future public release, i cant wait to join the incredible scrybe. its nice to see its still growing and getting bigger. Ive been checking in for almost a year now.

    Best, Alex

  8. Hugh


    Man, am I happy to hear that Scrybe is going to move into it’s next Beta phase. I really look forward to the completed product.


  9. Kristoffer

    Glad to see that scrybe is finally on the track again. For a moment I was afraid that the blogsilence we experienced was due to the company facing legal problems that could potensially tear it down in pieces and out of the internet for good.

    But now it seems like things are getting brighter, that me like. 🙂

    I’ve been on the waiting list since september last year, and I really hope that all of the remaining “2006-waiting-qeue-people” soon will recieve an invitation for the beta program. After all; we’re in 2007 now and I think it’s time to leave the old year and enter the new one… ;D

    I wish you and the company all the best in the days to come.

    Greetings from Norway (the far and cold north)!

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  11. Alex

    I’m in the same boat as the others. Been waiting since October 2006–I’m still excited about Scrybe and can’t wait to get an invite.

  12. Diane

    I have been in stores, searching for a planner/organizer, and haven’t been able to find what I want. So I googled…and I found Scrybe. I would LOVE to try this!

  13. Leib

    I too have been waiting what seems an interminably long time; look forward very much to Phase 3!

  14. Nougatine

    +1 in the remaining “2006-waiting-qeue-people”

  15. the cognate

    Just in time for the school year. Phase 3 means more invite rollouts, no? Hope I’m on the list this time.

  16. tis looking really interesting, roll on 30th August as I’m a awaiting as well.
    Could be something really useful for my company, teamspace but better …. we will see
    ( have not had a chance to play of course but who knows)

  17. A tip of the hat guys – a great job !

    I’ve been playing with scrybe for a few days and absolutely love it !!

    Was wondering if you foresee an option to import contacts from thunderbird

  18. Another suggestion: possibility to make labels while in popup window on a website (Scrybe it!)

  19. Ron Van Duyne

    Looks like an awesome meta-organizer !!!

    A possible suggestion (since am not in beta, only guessing its not there) would be to have a visual (resizable) countdown clock function with a large, brightly coloured clock face – with receding (different) colour face corresponding to ‘time remaining’ (of chosen time span).

    This would be of enormous value to those of us with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD or ADD). Other functions might be in order as well for people with ADHD.

    G’Day & wishing were in beta….

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