Last Phase: Rolling out…

Last phase of the beta is being rolled out to all the beta users today. This Phase includes the following:

  • Sharing of multiple calendars, task lists and thoughtstreams.
  • Importing Contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook.
    Current Beta users will now have the ability to invite their contacts by sharing calendars, lists or thoughtstreams with them.
  • Exporting Calendars to iCal format.
  • Ability to manage multiple calendars.
    Click on the grey arrow at the left edge of your Calendar area. Your Calendars display in the Collections pane along with the sharing and management properties.
    Lists can be shared by setting their properties in the Details panel.
    Thoughtstreams can also be shared the same way a calendar or a list is shared.
  • Creating Events and Tasks through Scrybe Bookmarklet.
    You will need to remove the old bookmarklet and add it again from the same link.

This build also includes some fixes for the bugs reported in the last two phases. Some requests and fixes have been approved for the next version of Scrybe. 

Upcoming announcements include Outlook syncing, device syncing, beta invitations, and corporate development.




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18 responses to “Last Phase: Rolling out…

  1. Peter

    Any invites coming out with this one?

  2. Oliver

    Looks nice!

  3. Seriously. Any invites?

  4. Mich

    Can’t wait – fantastic to see things rolling along!

  5. Ola

    I can’t believe that you are completely ignoring to comment on the complaints about the delay of this project. You should be able to give the community some information about why everything takes so long!!

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  7. Edward

    waiting for almost a year for an invitation…. and no signs of receiving one 😦

  8. I’ve seen a lot more buzz going on about all this lately, but I’m worried that even though I signed up a while ago that it’s going to be even longer before it becomes open, or other users are able to invite people, or I myself receive an invite from them. Hope I can soon, but along with that it sure would be great if they did something similar to gmail early on and gave people a limited # of invites too. Gmail started off only letting people invite like 5-10 ppl, and that grew as they became more confident…Scrybe should do this too so that people can try out sharing capabilities and see how well it works when collaborating and such…I know I’d love this thing, and I’d like it even more if I could get my 3 co-workers to get a little more organized with it as well… It seems like it could be a great GTD app…

  9. Indeed. While I’m all for them taking a long time to get it right, inviting people to sign up for a beta and then ignoring them for a year (and in the meantime offering invites to people who’d commented on the blog [but not the forums]) is significantly less than awesome.

  10. I am wondering about cross-platform use… We have been on the waiting list since oct 2006, but are currently revising our software costs. We expect to use Scrybe on Windows (XP and Vista), OSX, Linux and Windows Mobile / Symbian handhelds.

    I gather that screen resolution can be an issue, especially on the handhelds.

    Any thoughts?

  11. Kevin

    As a road salesman I have been dying for an invite for months and months. I would actually PAY to get one. I bet others would too.

  12. Mike

    If you could post an anticipated schedule for additional invite rollouts, that would be great. The new feature updates are good, but for those of us still waiting for invites, knowing when invites might be sent would be useful info.


  13. OREO

    Looks like adobe deal just revealed on! GREAT news for Scrybe users..

  14. Simon

    Woohoo, hopefully they can get more than one developer!

  15. Here is the link to the Series A announcement.

    This is very good news.

  16. pkelly

    What are you waiting to be able to have contacts in iscrybe !!!!!!! and synchro with plaxo or outlook 2007 !!!!

  17. Ani

    Yes I would love to be able to sync with outlook or plaxo. I use outlook at work and them plaxo to sync all my stuff to my google calendar which spits out to just about everywhere else I need it. I would love to able to use the calendar and task features seamlessly with my work account.

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