Server down at 11:00 AM (GMT)

The server will be down for 3 to 4 hours at 11:00 am (GMT) for a build update. I am going to put up a new entry indicating the changes and updates in the build. 

Please sync your offline data before the server is down as offline data will be rewritten once the new build is updated.




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3 responses to “Server down at 11:00 AM (GMT)

  1. Julien

    Incredible how you guys are bad on the communication side….

    Don’t you think that posting an entry at 3 a.m. announcing a server downtime for 11 a.m. and asking users to, please, sync their offline data, gives users enough heads-up time?


    As a user, I would much prefer having this build one day later and having one day to anticipate both the downtime and the offline issue…

  2. UnScrybe

    You took the words right out of my mouth…heck they could have taken the time to at least email the beta testers….

    While they seem to be back…they also seem to be back to their poor communications…

  3. Vickie Simmons-Delp

    I saw your information in the current issue of Shape Magazine and was disappointed when logging onto the site that you were not accepting invites at this time.

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