Adobe and LMKR invest in Scrybe

Scrybe, Corp. Secures Series A Funding;

Adobe and LMKR Invest in Innovative New Web-Based Productivity and Project Management Tool 

Investment to Accelerate Growth, Fuel Development of Industry’s First Online Productivity Tool to Offer Unprecedented Offline Access

BOSTON, MA (August 8, 2007) – Scrybe, Corp. ( announced today it has closed its first round of Series A funding from Adobe Systems Incorporated and LMKR.  Following a highly successful beta campaign that captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of users and influencers across the globe, Scrybe will use this new injection of capital to accelerate growth in key operational areas and drive new product development initiatives.


“Scrybe has captured the imagination of users around the world, engaging customers who share our vision of simple, elegant yet powerful productivity tools,” said Faizan Buzdar, founder and chief executive officer of Scrybe, Corp.  “We’re pleased to have Adobe and LMKR support our efforts to create a world-class organizational and development team that will help build a significant presence for Scrybe in the global marketplace.  Leveraging new Adobe technologies, we will dramatically accelerate Scrybe’s efforts to redefine the user experience for web-based productivity tools.”


“The enthusiasm for the Scrybe beta is an indication of the strong desire for a richer user experience with web-based productivity tools,” said John Leckrone, director of Venture Development for Adobe.  “We’re pleased to be working with Scrybe as they continue to evolve their technology platform.”

“The impact Scrybe has already created in the global market for web-based productivity tools is nothing short of impressive,” said Atif Khan, chief executive officer of LMKR. “We are committed to ensuring Scrybe has the appropriate resources to go to market effectively and execute their long term vision.”

About Scrybe

Scrybe is a new online organizer that leverages the innovations of rich internet platforms to bring users a simple, elegant yet powerful experience, designed to work the way users think.  For more information and to watch the Scrybe demo video, please visit




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9 responses to “Adobe and LMKR invest in Scrybe

  1. great news, a big player looking ( buying ) the small fish.
    I hope all the best with this sharing of funds and ideas.

  2. Anne

    Congratulations with the new investors. I was pleased to read about the posting of invites to the remaining subscribers on the invite list 30th of august. I look forward to try out your product, although the waiting has been 7 months. A bit too long for impatient web-designers 😉 Anyway, I have started my countdown to the 30th.

  3. I hope this will mean that you can accelerate development, and open up to new users 🙂

  4. Al

    Wow. I am honestly shocked that a big company like Adobe would finance this project. I signed up for an invite near the end of 2006. Now, being August 2007 and with no invite I will never use this product no matter how useful it may have been. Scrybe knows little about running a business (missing their deadlines by a landslide, months with no communication whatsoever to eager customers). I guess all you need to do to get funding nowadays is slap together an impressive looking video.

    I am now eagerly awaiting the collapse of Scrybe Corp.

  5. guilherme ambros

    ok, cool, now you have money, so you don’t have anymore excuses to not launch the public beta? Or at least start sending invitations for those that subscribed 10-12 months ago?

    Hmm, thinking better, probably you’ll now justify that you’ll need 6 months more to convert all that neat ajax code into flash, AIR, adobe needs to approve the code before it ships, blah blah blah.

    C’mon, we all know servers are scalable, databases are commodity and other than money – that you know have – it’s pretty straightforward to grow. Bar. Basecamp did that, did that (before Y!), you guys are smart and can do that also, can’t you?

    If not – or if you have a magic reason for delaying more than one year – maybe you should at least make some public comments at blogs, FAQs, etc. In times of web2.0 and total transparency, you guys are very “ibm” to me…

    hopefuly you guys will learn one thing or two with Adobe…

  6. Mike

    I think it’s great that big names like Adobe and such are investing in Scrybe. We’ve waited a long time, but I’m sure with this much investing and time spent on improving the final product Scrybe will be by far one of the best time-management tools available for future generations.


  7. Bryant

    Wow. Grats on the funding.
    Seems that there are some sour grapes out there. Fantastic application.

  8. Janak

    Very impressive product video for 3 guys in a garage startup!! Would love to see subscribe to the product when available.

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