Scaling Up…

I am happy to share today, another major milestone for Scrybe.

We have covered many major milestones in the last few months.

We started this venture, wondering whether one could actually provide the user experience that we wanted to on the web and we are thrilled that we have been able to translate our ideas and vision into a working web app.

Another initial big question was whether we would ever be noticed, having zero dollars for PR. Scrybe got the buzz that it did through our demo video on YouTube, which has actually become a new trend in start-up product launches.  

Before going public with Scrybe the 3 of us would often discuss concerns of how quickly we could scale up if people got excited about the product. This soon became a very real concern as Scrybe was noticed by a lot more than the few thousand people that we had originally estimated. We were delighted that more than a dozen VCs pinged us and some major names queried us about working together.   

The need to raise funds and scale up quickly became core to the future of Scrybe and at least the major part of our focus was directed to this.  We were seriously concerned with the effort required for this very time consuming process, including sifting through multiple term sheets, lengthy legal processes and closing. We found that VCs were generally keyed up only about buzzwords like Ajax or web2.0 and looking to get into something that could quickly be flipped to someone else.It was very important to identify the best suited match in anyone acquiring an interest in Scrybe.  We wanted to find someone who would be aligned with the company’s long term vision and wanted to avoid going back into a fund raising cycle after another few months so we could concentrate completely on the product line.

Today we will be announcing that this concern has also been resolved in a way that I think will turn out to be awesome for Scrybe in the long run.

ZDNet has more details: Scrybe gets venture funding from Adobe, LMKR




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3 responses to “Scaling Up…

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  2. Congrats on your progress and growth! I just received my invite today and I must say that my initial take is one of great interest. Your program is very intuitive and the allure of off-line use is huge.
    I’m sure I speak for current and future users when I say I’m very curious to see what functionality you will be adding in the coming weeks/months/year.

    Best Regards,

  3. justcurious

    how about importing web icals? If i update ical on web, it should sync

    Btw, I am really hooked on to it 🙂 amazing product

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