Invited all the beta subscribers!

Today, we have completed sending invitations to all users who were added to the Beta waiting list. Yayyy!!

Beta users can further invite their contacts by sharing calendars, lists or thoughtstreams with them.

Device and Outlook syncing are on their way in the next month. Other than regular updates, we are also working on incorporating some major features and some user feedback for the upcoming Scrybe versions.

Scrybe team has been working towards a long term vision for the company, its users and a number of new offerings. With funding and strategic support from our partners we are constantly evolving as a team and as a company. Though still a small team, we now have footprints in the valley, Boston and Islamabad. Our existing team is energized and our new members are excited and passionate about our next steps.




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95 responses to “Invited all the beta subscribers!

  1. sellitman

    Once you add an address book and an Outlook Sync my world will be complete. Well almost 😉

  2. Nos

    If can, would you support inputting languages other than English?
    This is so great and useful when I use it in English, but once I input schedule in Japanese and save it, all words turn into ‘????’ :’-(

  3. Nos,
    We are working on multilingual support however, I cannot quote a specific timeline for this update.
    If you could add content like events, tasks and notes in Japanese and retain them, would that generally work? With out localization of the Interface commands?


  4. Nos

    Yes, Scrybe does. Only words which I inputted turns, and Scrybe works generally. I’m sorry for unclearness of my comment.
    Thank you very much for inviting me to Scrybe.

  5. odo

    i would like to be invited to try the beta
    i presently use google calendar and
    remember the milk

  6. naughtyme

    Yayyyyy, I received my invite – unfortunately I cannot register or even get to the iscrybe website. Too much traffic?

  7. Gold PursuitX

    Hi, if anyone is willing to send an invite me to their circle (, I would be very grateful. This seems to be a very innovative and professional organizer and I would love the opportunity to give it a go. Thanks.

  8. Hello Sabika and the rest of the iScrybe staff! You have done a great job! I was a Scrybe user since November 2006 and I can say that Scrybe has been part of my life ever since. I absolutely loved the quick and easy to use flash interface! Certainly some features such as an address book is lacking, but I’m absolutely certain that these are being developed by the helpful and considerate team of Scrybe. I wish all of you good luck and future success in Scrybe! And I’ll always be one of your loyal users.

  9. naughtyme

    ok all is ok now – I’ve been looking forward to trying this out since last November – yayyy

  10. Dennis

    Hi, if anyone is willing to send an invite me to their circle (, I would be very grateful. This seems to be a very innovative and professional organizer and I would love the opportunity to give it a go. Thanks.

  11. Annie Wright

    I would appreciate an invite from a current user ( I just read the NYT article on Scrybe, saw the YouTube video, and can’t wait to try this amazing application. Thank you.

  12. Djill

    Hi, if anyone is willing to send an invite.
    thank u

  13. Alex Souto-Maior

    Hi All,

    I would also appreciate an invitation from a current user please… (

    Many thanks to whomever will do this!! 🙂

  14. organizedA

    I would very much like to receive an invitation from a current user. This seems like the organizer I have been searching for years. Thanks!

  15. Pete

    I too, would very much like to receive an invitation from a current user.

  16. An amazing tool for modern life. I would also appreciate an invitation to test the beta version.


  17. I would dearly love an invite from a current user


  18. Jeff

    Dear Scrybe team, based on the great coverage you got today in the NYT, I think you’re going to get a ton of requests. Any update on when you’ll open new beta requests?

    I would appreciate an invite from an existing user; this is an answer to many current frustrations with personal information management tools.


  19. Hugh Creedon

    I read about this in NY Times and would love to receive an invitation. Many of its features are really attractive. My email address is
    Thank you very much!

  20. I read about Scrybe and watch the video. It looks great.

    Would someone be so kind as to invite me to try the Beta.

    Thank you kindly

  21. Gaura Tibbitts

    I would appreciate an invite from a current user ( I just read the NYT article on Scrybe, saw the YouTube video, and can’t wait to try this application. Its like being a the gate@Disneyland when your 5 years old- but its shut indefinetly. Thanks

  22. Thomas G.

    I would so appreciate an invite from a current user to try the Beta version of Scrybe. Thanks.


  23. Pingback: » How to send Scrybe invites

  24. I would also like an invitation from a current user. As a knowledge management professional in the IT sector, this looks like the information management tool of my dreams(

  25. I would appreciate an invitation from a current user. I’ve read the NYTimes article, watched the video and am eager to give it a try.



  26. Hi, I’m not sure if it is just me, but I can’t access the application online.
    The pop-up message says either the network or the server is not responding as expected.
    And I have been receiving this pop-up for the whole weekend.

  27. I think I found the answer to my problem.
    Got to open the app in the pop-up window. (i.e. click “Sign In” from the homepage, and not with a bookmark.

  28. How do we share? I see an inactive “invite” link but nothing anywhere about sharing and have found nothing in the help section. Thanks.

    “Beta users can further invite their contacts by sharing calendars, lists or thoughtstreams with them.”

  29. David Gerbino

    If you provided your e-mail address I sent you an invite around 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

    If you would like an invite from a current beta tester you will need to post your e-mail address.


  30. Shawn,

    the Scrybe forum has your answers. Follow this link.

    I hope this answers your question.

    – Dave

  31. Dear Scrybe
    I am communications director at Laughter Yoga International. We bring laughter to the world.
    We are based in Mumbai but have laughter clubs and professionals in more than 50 countries. Our team are constantly setting up and traveling to events worldwide.
    I have been actively looking for this application for more than a year now, but we are making do with cobbled together solutions that do not work.
    Please have mercy on us and send me an invite so I can get our team onto Scrybe. If it works as advertised we are ready to pay, and will surely give you some great testimonials!
    Love & laughter
    Bill Gee

  32. Bill,

    please post your e-mail address and a current beta user will invite you.


    – Dave

  33. Judy

    How can I get iscrybe?? I’ve seen the demo and love it!


    Judy 🙂

  34. Judy

    Sorry for the double-post… my email address is: mcdonoughjudy @ hotmail dot com…

  35. john

    Would someone please invite me? Please

  36. i would also like to get an invite: iscribe[at]

    thank you.

  37. We have a forum dedicated to invitation sharing.

    You can request existing users for an invitation here.


  38. very, very cool. I would like to recevied an invitation. to kauberdi(at)gmail(dot)com
    Here in Africa those things come slow and we can spread it from here.

  39. Aaron Geller

    I’d love an invitation as well…


  40. Lynn Lyon


    I am information technology professional in Dallas – very interested in organization and collaboration software. I currently work at Pioneer Natural Resources, an upstream oil & gas company. I would appreciate an invitation to join.

  41. Forrest


    I would sure appreciate an invite.
    Many thanks,

  42. If any current users wanted to add me to their calander, to do or though stream (media and social media) i’d appreciate it – as it also includes an invite.

    childs . peter g mail .

  43. Nooruddin

    Hi, Fall in love with Scrybe. Its an effective online organizer. Would request existing subscribers to send me an invite. Would really appreciate.


  44. I’ve just tried out this wonderful software. I deal with life insurance in Toronto and a calendar is one of the core parts of how I work. I must say that I’ve never seen anything so simple, fast and effective before. I’m sure that Scrybe will help me achieve much more, can’t wait to put my whole company on this. Wish you all the best in the future and keep pushing forward!

  45. sk

    would appreciate an invite at
    Thank you.

  46. Krish

    Could a current beta user please invite me.



  47. Heikki

    I would also appreciate much of an invite from a current beta user:

  48. Erik

    I’d signed up several months ago, but I didn’t get an invite. If someone is willing, please send me an invite at


  49. Zia

    Can someone please invite me?

    hydari @

  50. the last in a long list of invite-seekers! would be most appreciative of anyone willing to invite me , so appreciative in fact, that i promise to invite others from this list!



  51. The program looks great. I would love to get an invite.


  52. Bruce

    Would love an invite from a subscriber. Thanks.

  53. Please note:

    Scrybe has a forum dedicated to invitation sharing.

    You can request existing users for an invitation here after you sign up for the focrum.

    – Dave

  54. what i like about scrybe is the fact that it makes adding calender events etc to be a simple and effortless thing to do.


    will it work on apple iphone/apple ipod touch?

    i would think support for their safari on their ipod touch will make iscrybe + ipod a really really really really really really really really really great combination.

    pls pls pls make that happen?

  55. Hi David
    Sorry was away at a Laughter Yoga conference in India. My email is — huge great and splendid thanks to anyone who will add us to the user base.
    Love and laughter

  56. Tarun

    Hello there folks, have been reading quite a bit about this hot calendar application. Would be great if somebody can send me an invite. I am a software engineer by profession. I would like to try it out and give my feedback.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  57. Tarun

    my email by the way is – astral_seeryahooDotcom

  58. Diana

    I’m a stay at home mom and need to manage multiple calendars…help. I would dearly love to give scrybe a whirl. I think this could be “the One”.
    My email is Many thanks.

  59. Hello there Sabika,

    I am unable to access my beta acct. I believe an error has occured after I was asked to reset my password. That email is:

    Is it possible to get an invite sent to a few of my friends:

    You guys are doing a great job! I’ve never heard such good buzz around a product!

  60. David Gerbino

    Krish, your 4 requested invites have been sent. Please tell your friends not to use foreign characters in their user IDs or passwords.

    Please follow the Beta Testing Guidelines at

    Read this post before you do any importing and sharing:


  61. Alex

    Please invite me and you will have good karma, haha.


  62. Haroon

    Can somebody send an invite to

    Much Appreciated.

  63. Alan

    I would also appreciate and invite if someone would be so kind.

    This looks like an amazing application.
    Thank you!

  64. Ammar

    Hey Sabika,

    Please if possible send me an invite. It has been almost 1 month i have been waiting for registration to reopen but its hard to wait…at least for me.:P


  65. Ammar

    i got it!!!

    forums rocks!!!


  66. Please note:

    Scrybe has a forum dedicated to invitation sharing.

    You can request existing users for an invitation here after you sign up for the forum.

    Asking for invites here may not get a response. You will get a response at the forum.

    – Dave

  67. Damijan

    I can not tell you how disappointed I am to discover that you claim to have invited all beta subscribers. I applied for the beta in 2006! I emailed one or two more times reminding you guys of this and still no response. So, let it be known that not all people were invited and I’m quite pissed because I thought this would be great software and I’m offended that after volunteering my busy time to help you test your software, you guys could not be bothered to extend an invite after a year of waiting. I’ve been checking back to your site periodically hoping for more info or finally getting a chance to use the software, but frankly I’m at the end of my rope.

  68. Damijan,

    We have sent out invitations to anyone who was subscribed to the waiting list before August 31st, 2007. Can you please tell us the email address that you used for subscribing to the beta list so we can confirm your status.

    We have observed that in some cases invitations end up in junk folders and are not noticed by users, could you please look for your invitation email there?

    We also have a forum dedicated to invitation sharing.


  69. Jose Ramon Muchacho

    Scrybe is amazing! It works smoothly! Thanks a lot for the invitation!

  70. neziniukas

    Could someone send an invitation for me? it’s so interesting I can’t, really can’t wait! Help!!!!!! my address –

  71. Damijan

    Indeed the invite got sent to an email I no longer use regularly anymore (and I think even in it’s junk folder), so it took me a while to dig it out, but I found it and joined. Thanks and sorry for the premature outburst, but I had been waiting an awefully long time. Thanks. The calendar and to do list seems to work pretty well. I look forward to the thought pad part working soon as well. It looks like it has a lot of potential.

  72. sojumango

    Hi All,

    I would also appreciate an invitation from a current user please…

  73. Pete

    This looks interesting. The same old story – the more unattainable something is, the more you want it.

    Oh well – someday, Grasshopper!

  74. Dirk

    Plz add me to the invitation list


  75. djp

    i’ve had my name on the waiting list since last year! i still haven’t got the invite!! – well… maybe my junk mail rules grabbed it and ate it- oh no!

    if there is anyway for an invite to be sent my way- i’d be a happy man-
    my email is d {at}

  76. Erin

    Would someone please send me an invite ( Many thanks!

  77. Rod Harrington

    I just found out about Scrybe and watched the video. It looks fantastic and just what I need. I’ve been using Remember the Milk and 30 Boxes, but would really appreciate an invite from some kind person!

  78. Sasha

    I would like an invite.

    Please send one to sasha_lahrs @


  79. tveda

    Hi everyone,
    I would really appreciate an invite.
    Please send one to

    Thank you loads!

  80. Dave G.

    Could a current beta user invite me to join so i can try scrybe? I was on the waiting list but for some reason did not get an invitation.

    Many thank.s

  81. Ramesh

    I had entered my email address for the beta testing but have not received an invitation. Any possibilities of receiving one?

  82. Kelly

    I stumbled on this website searching for a good calendar solution & this i scribe looks to be a winner.

    Any chance of getting an invite to become a beta user?

  83. keno

    hey guys can somebody send me an invite to Looks awesome, it would be much appreciated if somebody can send me an invite.

  84. John


    I stumbled across iscrybe, while looking for a calendar solution. I would love to explore this solution as it seems to have many features that I am looking for.

    Please invite me to become a user.


  85. younas

    Dear Scrybe Team,

    Can you please check younas [at] in your beta subscribers list. I remember signing up but I didn’t get an invitation so far.


  86. Abhishek Bajpai

    hey i would really want to have an iscrybe account.

    Someone please send me an invitation.


  87. this looks to good to be true!!!

    would love to use scrybe, could someone invite me?

  88. Bogdan

    I would really like an invite to scrybe. How can i get a invite? My mail is

    Thanks a lot

  89. Patricia Moore

    I agree with the others…this looks fabulous! Is it possible to get an invite? I would really appreciate it.

  90. Angela

    Hey I would really appreciate and invite. My email address is


  91. Andreanna


    Any current users please invite me yeah…
    I would love to give Scrybe a try…

    thx in advance!

  92. jeff

    You guys will have much better luck if you put your requests in at the forum created for this..

  93. Alexwebmaster

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  94. Michelle

    Would you please be so kind as to send me an invitation to Scrybe? Many thanks!

    Michelle Eldridge

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