It’s a new world

We are working on our biggest update to Scrybe. The beta feedback is now tapering off and I think we have most of the valuable insights we need. Some of the changes were smaller and were rolled out into earlier updates. Some of the changes require a larger effort. Right now we are focusing on the hard to do things. For this update, we have constantly analyzed the data we get from the site traffic and users. We have realized that many a times, the traffic tells you a whole different story then what’s on your mind. I just wanted to quote a few interesting statistics. 

Screen resolutions: Originally when we started working on Scrybe, we had to make a choice between liquid layout and application performance. Due to this technical limitation, we designed the application as such that it is optimized for 1024 x 768 and a higher resolution or two; though, we were aware that hardware prices will go down significantly, and that’s what happened… LCDs became a lot cheaper, high resolutions and wide screen resolutions became common place. Now that we are working on making Scrybe optimized for different resolutions etc. here is an interesting bit of data. 

68% of our users have screen resolutions higher then 1024 x 768. That’s a huge number! Within the users who have resolutions higher than 1024 by 768, 69% users have resolutions higher then 1280 x 1024. And 40% of these users have wide screen resolutions. 27% users are still on 1024 x 768 and only 1.2% of the users are using screen resolutions that are less than 1024 x 768. 

Although we have rolled out some updates earlier which improvedthe experience on higher resolutions, our work on liquid layout is being done keeping this data in mind.  

Browsers: What’s interesting is that Firefox constitutes more than 65% visits, whereas IE numbers are less than 25%. Firefox penetration is growing at a mind boggling pace. In terms of our product, we sure can see Firefox winning the browser war. 

Flash Player 9 Penetration: Another interesting statistic is the rise of Flash Player 9. Its penetration in mature markets is currently estimated to be 93.3% and 93.28% of Scrybe’s traffic has Flash Player 9 or above. There are loads of feature requests by users that are enabled by this player version and we are working on them. I am really excited to play with some of the features running in Scrybe that were not possible to implement previously.

Visits from across the globe: We have users/ visitors from 181 different countries. Though US is still the largest visitor territory, it is interesting to see that traffic is also generating at an increasing pace from Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Multilingual, content and localization, support was high on our to-do list.  Here is a Sneak peek!


We will need some volunteers in Jan’ 08 for localization into different languages. If you’d like to volunteer, please send in your details at: sabika[dot]nazim[at]iscrybe[dot]com.
(Right to left scripts are not targeted for this update).




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23 responses to “It’s a new world

  1. Simon

    Note that your stats on firefox might be skewed by the fact that Scrybe seems to run better on firefox, as opposed to firefox necessarily being browser of choice. Scrybe doesn’t seem to open in a new window without all the buttons in IE whereas it does in firefox (maximising screen space for the fixed layout).

    Any chance of a sneakpeak on the changes in the next release?

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  3. sueorkin

    Thanks for the update. – Sue Orkin

  4. Andre Kibbe

    This “big change” wouldn’t happen to be device synchronization, perhaps? I’ve been anxious to ditch the Palm Desktop for something more robust and portable for a while now.

    I’m sure that whatever the change turns out to be, it’ll be great. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi, sounds great. Any chance for me to join the beta ver.? Please let me know.

  6. dolbyzerr

    Great news! Keep it going!

  7. Will

    pleasepleaseplease add a synch with outlook.

    And, of course, don’t let new features slow it down.

  8. grant

    what about sync with iCal, i need my calendar info on iCal so I can sync with my phone.

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  10. Hello??? It’s been almost two months since this was posted; has Scrybe gone to sleep? I know these are big improvements and I’m not saying that you should be through with them by now (although it sure would be nice), but don’t you think a new post is due on this blog? Even if it’s “We’re still alive and working.” Anything would be appreciated.
    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  11. If you guys could get the service syncing with Plaxo (which in turn sync with most other calendars including outlook) this service would be killer. I currently don’t really use it despite having an account mainly because all my data is in other products.

  12. abid

    I like Scrybe but my usage has waned mainly because of lack of sync. I know this is in beta, but would like to know approx time when syncing will be available.
    Keep up the good job Scrybe team!

  13. keats

    Yeah, it’s a new world, to the extent, that tech sawwy folk (your intended audience) get really-really angry with apps, that consume space and then fill it with nothing, and that can’t be hidden into our neat tabs. So c’mon, get with the times and don’t force an annoying separate window on us! Thank you!

  14. I agree with Olly and abid. This is a “new world” of integration and automation. My data is spread over several products, and I can’t devote myself to Scrybe until syncing options (preferably for Google Calendar) become available.

    Scrybe team: integrate (connect with other products) and automate (automatic syncing).

    Otherwise, great job y’all.

  15. Not had chance to try Scrybe yet, but it looks like the perfect thing for me. Syncing with ical (and ultimately my phone calendar) is the only thing I would really need.

  16. Harrie


    What are you doing with all the VC money you raised last quarter 2007?

    It’s so silent……..

  17. James

    Hello?! Anybody in home? Are you there? You have a great program, but needs to finish it. Any idea when? So silent…

  18. Russ

    It’s still in Beta! I had forgotten this thing even existed. Goes to show one should always be skeptical about “the next big thing.”

  19. Ibrahim

    Helloo, Helllllooooo, anybody there? echoooooo!!!!

  20. alex

    i’ve been playing with iscrybe recently. the UI is excellent, import of iCal events was flawless.
    now i’m facing the tough question on how to keep on using iscrybe as my real day to day calendar.
    my key issues with iscrybe so far are :
    – exchange sync.
    – iCal sync
    – mobile device sync

    is it in the iscrybe roadmap ?

    secondly, what will be the revenue model for iscrybe.


  21. Kiwak

    i think this project is dead…

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