Robert Scoble gets a first look at Convofy

Faizan Buzdar had the chance to demo Convofy to Robert Scoble this past Friday. Take a look at Robert’s blog to see the video interview and demo.

Robert Scoble is a true tech enthusiast and we love his excitement.

Thanks a lot for the great post.



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2 responses to “Robert Scoble gets a first look at Convofy

  1. DianeC

    Convofy looks fantastic, and I look forward to using it. You have a very talented group of people in development at Scrybe. As a Scrybe calendar lover I am wondering if the calendar has been completely abandoned or is it now part of the new Convofy package? I seem to remember posts from you (long time back) indicating that the calendar would be part of the new product. Did that get jettisoned? So…no more calendar now or ever? Just trying to get clear on this…

  2. Thank you DianeC.

    Convofy is focused on collaborative features built for teams working together. We have worked on getting the collaboration DNA right on some core apps for starters. We are also considering a collaborative events app for the future, but not a full calendar.

    The Scrybe personal calendar is still available to all existing users as an independent product, but like we have said before there is no new development planned for it.

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