Long Due Update

Our strengths include generating novel and innovative ideas and building products that integrate these ideas successfully. We are currently capitalizing on these strengths. 

The current build is stable and working well. New bugs have tapered off to almost zero and the service has not seen any downtime. The next version is not just a feature update for the current app. It is a major version update. It has 4 major parts: 

Organizer, that includes new and improved calendar containing lots of features and implementations based on user feedback. A to-do list with more fluidity and organization options, more innovation and improvements in PaperSync, GlobalTimez, additional scheduling features, better image handling in notes etc. The current functionality however will be just one part of the new version. Other parts include: 

Pages, (new)
Tables, (new) and
A desktop widget (new) 

This new version also focuses a lot on collaboration scenarios. Why are we doing this? Because the way people work together is broken, and that is what we want to tackle head-on with this new version.  The current version has sharing, which helps, but we have been thinking a lot on what people need when they work together.  Most of the functionality we have designed maximizes the potential of the web for groups of people working together.  

While the whole application is not going to be open source, however, with the passage of time, we hope to start contributing some of the components as open source and also allow 3rd part developers to build on Scrybe.

The current functionality that is there in the Scrybe Beta will remain free as the Organizer part of the complete offering. The premium versions will be based on a combination of new modules, functionality, storage, and usage of features.

This is Scrybe’s roadmap in a nutshell.


The unfortunate consequence of this is that we cannot quote a hard time line for and there will be no functionality updates for the current version, although we will continue to support any issues you have via our forum or email.




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18 responses to “Long Due Update

  1. Jamezzz

    So I’m not quite clear on what you’re saying. Title is Long Due Update, the blog discusses changes to the Organizer which will remain free, but your last paragraph states, “unfortunate consequences…there will be no functionality updates for the current version…”

    So is there an update to Scrybe available or not? And how do we access the new update.

  2. The title refers to an update on what we have been upto.
    There are no updates to the current build available. The next update that you see will have new product modules and updates to the current application. This is not available yet and we cannot quote a time line for it.

  3. When the next update comes will carry over data from the current build?

  4. If these updates are anything short of amazing, many people will feel like they’ve been let down, myself included. The communication issue isn’t surprising, because it’s been horrible since the get go. But only time will tell if this app is worthy. Good luck.

  5. joe

    I’ve been waiting for a beta invitation for about 2 years. I still want one really badly.

  6. Sam

    The new features sound very exciting, I’m looking forward to trying them out!

  7. I would like to be a beta user. How do I get an invitation to Scrybe?

  8. As a small business owner and technologist, I am eager to give Scrybe a try. However, the communication and availability of a BETA invite has so far been disappointing. I hope all is well and that y’all continue to progress with what seems to be a great product, in high demand. If you wouldn’t mind adding me as a BETA user, I would be much appreciated.

  9. This is exciting news. For those of us who have been here since the beginning and have endured long periods of silence, this is long over due update. I am glad to hear that the update is not just a new version but sounds like a whole new application that contains what we have already been using.

    I can not wait to try all the new features.

    Hurry up already!!

  10. There was no clear mention of device sync for PDAs and smartphones. Will it be included in the new version?

  11. FM

    You have an interesting product but one which still requires alot of work before it can become more than a novelty. Specifically, synching with outlook and access from mobile devices are needed.

    More importantly, you guys need to address the communication issue. No news is bad news.

  12. Johnny

    I’ve been with iScrybe since the first day it began. I’m looking forward to its improvements. One thing I would love is a contacts list. That would be a killer feature that will kill the need for Outlook. Gmail doesn’t cut it.

  13. andis

    it’s actually funny… always when some announcement gets out, you get our hopes up, and then you let them go down again 🙂 i have never ever seen such long waiting before 😉

    two notes: 1) i have been using scrybe since i got invitation and it is very helpfull for me, so no matter what i will keep waiting for “full version”
    2) “Scrybe It” applet actually is very cool idea, but works slow and data is later hardly accessible through ThoughtPad, which seems little bit unfinished. Then Google introduced similar feature in its Reader service, and it works much better for me, unfortunately.

    Good luck, guys!

  14. warren

    man…..I love you guys and I have loved and shared scrybe with a couple close co-workers over the last couple years….and they all have continued to use it at least weekly….really hope things continue to go well and the product continues to impress. I think it’s the only other online product other than gmail I’ve stuck with for this long and that includes a pretty damn long list of online apps over the years. It would be nice to hear about the good things happening with you guys of late. I sincerely wish you all future success with this. Thanks for an awesome organizer!

  15. Christine

    Can an existing user invite me to Scrybe by sharing your Calendars, To-Do lists and Thoughtstreams please? I am dying to get on Scrybe and feel it would be a tremendous asset. Please let me know.

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  17. Thanks for writing such an eatt-so-undersyand article on this topic.

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