San Francisco’s Mayor Edwin M. Lee meets Scrybe CEO

Earlier this month Faizan Buzdar had the opportunity meet Mayor Edwin M. Lee on his visit to RocketSpace. Mayor Lee announced that in the first 6 months of this year, 1.6 Million square feet of office space was leased for tech alone, out of a total 4.5 Million square feet. He said that he wanted San Francisco to become the home for companies looking to open shop and hire employees. Encouragement from city officials is great of course, but it was especially wonderful chatting with Mayor Lee, who is aggressive about capturing oppurtunities and creating facilities which create jobs.



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Convofy Rolls Out Premium Features

Convofy, a new, innovative and powerful private social network for enterprise, rolls out premium features.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2011

Scrybe Corp. the company behind, today introduced the availability of premium features for their service.

Convofy launched its free enterprise social network, last month and has experienced phenomenal customer adoption and engagement. Thousands of companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries signed up in less than 4 weeks of the launch and have since been using Convofy as the communication backbone of their organization. Starting today, companies can upgrade from the free Convofy basic service to the premium plan to claim ownership of their network’s data, appoint administrators and monitor their networks. The premium plan costs just $5 per employee per month. Features include the ability to appoint administrators, who will be able to suspend and block users, view, monitor and moderate all content within the network, restrict domains, IP ranges and other security controls.

“We have been using Convofy since its first stable prototype. Just in the last 6 months, our team of less than 20 people has shared over 25,000 files and images, over 15,000 posts and has engaged in over 20,000 discussions. We built Convofy, using Convofy. The rich in-context collaboration features, is where Convofy really shines, and for over 2 years, we have been using it to get real work done. This includes discussing product specs and design; sharing research from the web, keeping tabs on the competition and much more,” said Faizan Buzdar, Founder and CEO, Scrybe. “We are overwhelmed with the positive response that we have received. We are continuously engaging and meeting with the current and potential customers to evaluate and triage their requirements in our feature roll out list. We are aggressively responding to user feedback and attacking tasks in the next phase of our roadmap. We will frequently be rolling out features which we believe contribute towards the satisfaction of the Enterprise, both in terms of administration and security.”

Dukky, an innovative direct marketing channel startup is actively using Convofy. “Convofy, we don’t just like you… we love you,” said Rene Hall, VP of Business Development at Dukky. “If you are looking for a way to encourage inner office dialog, stay up to date on what your team members are doing and plenty more we encourage you to check out Convofy. This easy system has now become a part of our team’s work day- all day long.”

“The greatest advantage I have seen after being on Convofy for a few weeks is email reduction between myself and my team members. I have also shifted my research gathering process as a result. I am a huge Evernote user and have even defaulted to starting my process in Convofy instead,” said another Convofy user, Michelle Hoffert at FP Insurance.

For more information and to contact sales, please visit

About Scrybe: Founded by Faizan Buzdar, Scrybe is a technology company that has been funded by Adobe Systems Inc. & LMK Resources. Scrybe launched Convofy in April 2011. The most powerful private social network for your company; it gets all your company’s employees on the same page & introduces faster & better internal corporate communication, sharing & collaboration; while significantly reducing email overload.

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Scrybe Announces Launch of

Convofy, the most powerful private social network for the enterprise; enabling rich collaboration everywhere, especially on visual content.

Scrybe, an Adobe and LMKR funded company, announced the general availability of, today.

Convofy is the most powerful private social network for your company. It gets all your company’s employees on the same page and introduces faster and better internal corporate communication, sharing and collaboration; while significantly reducing email overload.

Convofy creates a new, never-seen-before, collaboration experience that enables rich discussions on visual content such as images, files and web links.

In the social business collaboration space, it is difficult to differentiate between the many Twitter and Facebook clones. Convofy is the first product that brings original innovation to this space. This is also one of the few times that the enterprise gets the latest innovation first. Convofy is the clear leader in terms of vision and thought leadership. “We have re-invented the simple comment,” said Mr. Faizan Buzdar, Founder and CEO of Scrybe Corp. “It has never been faster or easier to discuss your images, files, docs, even web links and to reach decisions in an incredibly small number of cycles. Convofy’s industry leading in-context collaboration allows commenting and mark-up and lets you attach context to each comment. These comments take you to a specific section and literally point to the context.”

He added, “In addition, Convofy is the only service that lets you discuss shared knowledge within web links, with the full power of our (re-invented) contextual comments. Shared links within Convofy are more valuable because now your team’s discussion on those links are also captured”.

The benefits and adoption of Enterprise 2.0 are promising. An IDC report predicts the Social Business market will grow by a compound annual growth rate of 38 percent through 2014 while a study by Deloitte finds that the application of Enterprise 2.0 solutions resulted in 22% improvement in average time to issue resolution, and 61% reduction in time spent on compliance activities.

For more information and to watch the Convofy demo, please visit

About Scrybe: Founded by Faizan Buzdar, Scrybe is a technology company that has been funded by Adobe Systems Inc. & LMKR. For more information, please visit


For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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Robert Scoble gets a first look at Convofy

Faizan Buzdar had the chance to demo Convofy to Robert Scoble this past Friday. Take a look at Robert’s blog to see the video interview and demo.

Robert Scoble is a true tech enthusiast and we love his excitement.

Thanks a lot for the great post.


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Introducing Convofy

This is what have been working on. We have put in lots of thought and hard work into improving the experience of how you work with your team.

Check out how we have reinvented simple comments.  You can attach deeper context, so others can know exactly what you are talking about.


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Happy Holidays from the Scrybe team!


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Expanding Ambitions

From the get-go our team’s core focus was on tough engineering problems and great user experience, and these were the strengths we employed in our takes on solving some very interesting problems.

Our first public appearance was a YouTube video that led, a few days later, to the launch of the Scrybe calendartask list and later ThoughtPad. This product was first to provide really simple offline access, with nothing to install. Launching a product on YouTube was also a first and has since then become an absolute necessity. The next experience was adding sharing features proved to be invaluable and helped us gain a lot of insight into how people collaborate and how much the success of any product relies on a great social infrastructure.  This became a key factor in our new product, but more on that later. Although we were very cash starved a lot of user excitement and some great press reviews led to some acquisition flirtations and a lot of investment interest.

In the year after going public we closed Series A with Adobe and LMKR, started building a great team, a great office and spent that year planning what was next.

Although we recognized that we were great at calendaring, we were looking at the years ahead and our ambition was greater. We were convinced that our next big idea was collaboration, and we were ready to back it up with our full effort. Although It was risky to do something so far removed from the success we had already achieved it was very important to focus on these greater ambitions without clinging to our previous successes. We announced that the service will continue to run, but there would be no new development on the calendaring product.

The two major trends that matured with our new product development were cloud computing and social. There was a lot of excitement around this in the consumer market, but we also started to see these ideas being picked up in enterprise solutions.  These trends and our prototypes helped get our investors on board and excited about the product pivot we had gone through. We also got prerelease access to some cool technologies that were under NDA at that time but have since become public. There was excitement with every progressing iteration, but there wasn’t any clear visibility that we could share with the community.

This is the beginning of a new chapter. We have been hard at work doing what we do best; solving tough engineering problems and creating awesome user experiences. It required a lot of courage to make this pivot and we look forward to a launch more exciting than the last with everyone’s support.


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